Top 5 Cryptocurrency Monetizations of June


Bitcoin price, which entered this week below $ 36,000, was released on Thursday. your $38,000 it went up to the top. Bitcoin, which cannot maintain this level; From Friday to Saturday, it lost more than 4% and fell below $36,000 again.

This change in Bitcoin price was reflected in the crypto money market as a 3.8% loss in the last 24 hours. According to CoinGecko data, most of the cryptocurrencies in the market have lost the levels gained over the week. However, some futures traders benefited from this activity, according to Binance Futures data.

Top earners in terms of odds (ROI) of the week

  • All week long in the wallet of an investor named HandVideoBuy %2.923 rate change was recorded. According to the data available on the exchange, the trader’s wallet changes on a weekly basis. $ 41,068 on the plus.

  • It is followed by BoringTodayDentist with a weekly earnings rate of 2.704%. all week long $ 6,105 The winning trader seems to have earned $8,160 on a monthly basis.

  • Third place WhichThanGood’s wallet compared to last week 2.209 percent on the plus. WhichThanGood all week long $ 34,494 won.

  • Rate of change in ColdTyphoonMailman’s portfolio %2.155 was measured. While this trader ranks fourth in terms of weekly rate, on a monthly basis with 3.372% gain ranks third. But on a daily basis 4% down it seems.

  • At the end of the list, on a daily basis 5.5% down on a weekly basis though at 1.99% plus ThanUnderCome took place.

Top earners by income-expenditure amount of the week

  • HamburgerChickenShare; in your wallet all week $9.98 million added and topped this list. But the same trader, from yesterday to today $1.5 million down left.

  • HabitCandleGiant all week long $9.7 million; if on a daily basis 3.8 made millions of dollars. HabitCandleGiant; second place on a weekly basis; if on a daily basis leader in position.

  • BatThursdayBurn on a weekly basis with a number close to these 9 million dollars won and placed third. But on a monthly basis, this number $7.5 million falling.

  • A trader called ThrowBoxUnderstand has been upping his portfolio throughout the week. 18.4% enlarge, $7.6 million made a profit.

  • The last on this list, TomatoTrafficBlanket, with 20% return during the week $6.7 million earned income.

According to the data at the time of writing in terms of monthly income portfolio of a leading investor named BakeMachineWish, for the last 1 month $14.9 million on the plus.

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