Top 5 Earnings This Week June 5


The total value of the crypto money market is measured as 1 trillion 690 billion dollars this Saturday, from 1 trillion 607 billion dollars exactly 7 days ago. The market, which drew a graph that increased the excitement of the charts in the past weeks, also led to the disappearance of the glittering tables in the futures market.

Futures traders took advantage of the market volatility in the past weeks and kept them in their wallets throughout the week. tens of millions of dollars He could see the change. It can be said that the picture that emerged this week is much more modest.

Top earners in terms of odds (ROI) of the week

  • According to Binance Futures, the name that has grown its wallet the most on a rate basis this week is, % 4.153.2055’lik compared to ThroatWallChalk. However, the same trader’s wallet shrank by 130.40% on a daily basis.

  • its weekly 2,425.54% It was reported that BesideGroundTelephone, which watched with its earnings rate, added $ 4,586 to its wallet throughout the week.

  • BusAnswerWhen in third place; daily 11.9%, weekly 1.691.27%, monthly 152% income. His wallet is $544 per day, plus $5,558 per week.

  • A trader named Blackduck is in fourth place with a 1.395% earnings rate; to your wallet on a weekly basis $ 35,761 He became the top-earning name in this list.

  • The last place CokeBusinessTwelve was at the bottom of the list with a rate of 1.375%, which is very close to this.

Top earners by income-expenditure amount of the week

  • The name that has added the most money to his wallet since last week, 5 million dollars with BakeMachineWish. With a weekly earnings rate of 9.8%, the trader’s wallet is in the monthly time frame. $7.5 million It looks plus.

  • HamburgerChickenShare, which is in second place, is 19.3% extra with income $4.3 million achieved.

  • WorkbookSurfSuccessful, $4.24 million He came very close to being in second place. But looking at this trader’s wallet on a monthly basis rather than a weekly basis, only 1.2 million dollars It seems to be on the plus.

  • HappenWorrySoccer all week $3.8 million won and entered this list, but $4.7 million in today alone; on a monthly basis, 811,498 dollars is negative. This trader portfolio has shrunk by 20.1% from yesterday to today.

  • Similarly; MatterShareWhy weekly $3.6 million on a daily basis though $ 597,243 it’s downside.

Looking at the leaderboard on Bitfinex independently of Binance Futures, John Brown weekly by a trader known as of unrealized earnings. It appears to be $43.3 million.

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