Top 5 Investors This Week (May 29) | Coin Newsletter


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The effects of the decline in the crypto money market last week do not seem to have been fully overcome yet. According to data from CoinGecko, the cryptocurrency market lost as much as 4% in 24 hours on Saturday, and Bitcoin fell below $35,000 again.

This stagnation in the market has been reflected in the transactions and activity of futures traders. For example, in last week’s post, a trader $133.6 million We told you he won. It was enough to earn $ 5.5 million to settle at the top of the list in this week’s Binance Futures.

Top earners in terms of odds (ROI) of the week

  • Wallet of a trader named BottomSoccerGrade, within 7 days %5.486 rate increased. According to the income / expense data transferred by the stock market, since the beginning of the week $ 7,965 won.

  • him in second place %4.802 A trader named SubjectTrickThank followed suit. To this trader’s wallet all week long $ 5,255 Although it is seen that it is added, when looking at the monthly time frame, the gain $ 1,209 falling.

  • Winning on a weekly basis; Another name that lost on a monthly basis was ClassroomAgoWhen. This is the name of the week % 4.235’lik with the rate of return, $ 4,235 earned a profit. But on the monthly chart shrunk 257% and $ 65,265 gave open.

  • BusBlowGlasses also did not spoil the series. The wallet of this name is all week long plus %2.994, minus 9% throughout the month It changed.

  • DeliciousMarkAirplane, which is at the bottom of the list in terms of rate, is on both a weekly and monthly basis. plus looks. With a return rate of 2.943% to this name’s wallet $ 15,971 added.

Top earners by income-expenditure amount of the week

  • A trader named HabitCandleGiant last week With $ 133.6 million outdistanced its rivals and took the first place in this list. This week’s winner, all week long $5.5 million; $ 17.2 million throughout the month Winner is BlockSkyUncle. But in the daily portfolio $1.93 million there is shrinkage.

  • The second ranked DepartmentClassBack, even though $ 1.4 million is down today, with a 58% return over the week, 5 million dollars looks plus.

  • Following this binary is WorkbookSurfSuccessful, $ 22 million for the month, $ 4.9 million for the week seems to have won. But today it’s down 10.3%, down $2.1 million.

  • A trader named TrafficTempleBehind managed to earn $ 3.5 million over the week, ranking fourth on the list. But the portfolio of the same name, $4 million on a daily basis; $15.9 million monthly it has been open.

  • One of the most balanced portfolios belongs to ThisBetweenBecause in last place. This name is $2.4 million a day, a week $3.2 million plus. On a monthly basis, it’s $3.6 million negative.

Last week’s leader, HabitCandleGiant, $11 million in just today Although it seems to be plus, all week long $26.6 million lost.