Treasury and Finance Minister Lütfi Elvan Spoke About Crypto Money Regulation and Taxation


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Treasury and Finance Minister Lütfi Elvan made a statement about cryptocurrencies, regulations and taxation in an interview with Bloomberg.

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Minister Elvan, addressed to him, “A study has been initiated on cryptocurrencies. When will the comprehensive regulation be made? Will there be a taxation? ” He gave an answer to his question as follows:

We established a working group under the coordination of our ministry. This group worked intensely. First, the Central Bank made an arrangement, and behind it, MASAK shared its work with the public. Our working group primarily examined the practices of different countries. The areas we are working on are defining crypto assets and their types, revealing, exporting and distributing these assets, determining the principles and principles that should be followed by trading platforms, by whom the asset custody service can be performed, how the taxation policy will be, which crypto asset type will be It covers a wide area where the institution will have the authority to make regulations and impose sanctions, especially laundering proceeds of crime and preventing the use of this area in the financing of terrorism. “

Minister Lütfi Elvan, stating that they will complete their work on this issue in a short time, concluded his words as follows:

“We will complete our work on this subject in a short time. However, I also want to say that citizens should not take risks that they cannot manage while evaluating their savings. “