Tron CEO’s Justin Sun: Elon Musk’a Minnettarım


justn sun

The founder of Tron sees Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s entry into the cryptocurrency market as positive, and the discussions are part of being a celebrity.

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The founder of Tron, a low-cost network designed to facilitate peer-to-peer sharing of digital content, understands the value of attention from celebrities in the cryptocurrency space. Sun spoke at CoinDesk’s annual conference, Consensus 2021, which brings together crypto industry, global financial experts and influencers. Sun said:

“Every time a celebrity enters cryptocurrency it will become controversial. This is inevitable. The only difference I am thinking about here is how we use this kind of influence or debate to adopt crypto massively. Today, I am grateful to Elon Musk for directing so many people to cryptocurrencies, drawing the attention of all the media and big companies to crypto. ”

Sun is no stranger to arguing, so is Musk. Tesla CEO recently made a stir when Tesla announced that it would stop accepting Bitcoin payments due to the cryptocurrency’s carbon footprint. Many attributed it to Bitcoin and the decline in the market.

Despite his gratitude, Sun boasted that the Tron blockchain contains more transaction volumes than Musk’s former company PayPal.

“Our daily transaction volume is around 10 billion dollars. PayPal [için] even this figure is about 2 billion dollars. In other words, we are doing 5 times more transactions. “

While the focus remains on Tron, Sun acknowledged the value of increased density in the crypto space:

“I believe that the competition in the industry generates excellence. That’s why we need different blockchains to compete with each other. We have to generate ideas and basically find the right path for the industry. “


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