Turkish students found TikTok’s vulnerability

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It turned out that Turkish students found the vulnerability of TikTok. Young high school students in Turkey found an unlimited token sending gap in the popular social media application TIKTOK.

High school students Arda Kılıç and Mert Ergün found the unlimited token sending vulnerability on the social networking site TikTok. Students who did not accept the 1,500 dollar award given by TikTok had previously found more than one deficit on Instagram.

High school students Arda Kılıç (18) and Mert Ergün (18), who were dealing with software and had previously come to the fore by finding the vulnerabilities of Instagram, this time found the vulnerability of sending unlimited coins on TikTok.

The young people, who reported the situation to TikTok via private mail, said that they received a reward offer of 1,500 dollars, but they did not accept this offer.

Stating that they found the unlimited token sending gap as a result of 7-8 months of work, the students said they were waiting for a new offer from TikTok.

They also emphasized that there is no such gap in the world.

Turkish students found TikToks vulnerability

They managed to make money with Unlimited Coins on Tiktok

Explaining how they found the error in the system, Mert Ergün said, “I can say that we closed the income door through the application. Previously, we were able to give free sponsor ads on Instagram.

Ergün said, “We transfer the collected money to our account by creating a withdrawal request. We tried it, we reported it. We talked to them. They offered us 1,500 dollars.”

Stating that they gave a good answer to the Turks who saw the offer, Ergün said, “They wanted to meet again later. However, we will not respond unless we make a new offer.”

Providing information about how they contacted TikTok and the response they received, Arda Kılıç said, “When we found the vulnerability, we immediately reported it to TikTok.”

“They opened a private email for us. We responded with this email. We replied via email, “We do not accept your offer. Thanks to the deficit we found in you, we will send you 1500 TL with our own money with the money we will withdraw.”

“We couldn’t reach any representative in Turkey. That’s why we had to text with foreigners. Therefore, the process became a bit difficult. However, our communication with TikTok continued thanks to private mail. Maybe we can get better rewards if we communicate. A Turkish person, this bothered us a bit. “

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