Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Reacts to Senator Elizabeth Warren Criticizing Bitcoin


jack dorsey warren bitcoin

Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren have one thing in common: Bitcoin (BTC) proponents now hate both.

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey unfollowed Senator Elizabeth Warren, who criticized Bitcoin (BTC) during the June 9 senate meeting focused on central bank digital currencies.

In his keynote address, the Massachusetts senator described the largest cryptocurrency as a “lousy investment” and a “haven for illegal activity.” Warren has also called for a restriction on “environmentally wasteful” Bitcoin mining, claiming it is a “disaster” for the planet. Contrary to Warren’s latest comments, Texas Senator Ted Cruz said that as we reported this morning, Bitcoin has “a lot of potential”.

Dorsey Reacted

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, a longtime Bitcoin advocate, also reacted to Senator Warren’s statements. Dorsey Warren on Twitter. unfollowed.

Meanwhile, Dorsey has previously said that his companies would be willing to work on the biggest cryptocurrency:

“I don’t think there is anything more important in my life to work on.”


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