UK raving about Dogecoin

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Today in the U.K. we have the independent boosting dogecoin awareness which will be great for us and our wallets.

Here’s the link to the article

Also this is my first post and it’s great to be part of this community that are supporting and helping each other along.


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4 thoughts on “UK raving about Dogecoin”

  1. It’s fine. But call the dog by its true name. It’s Dogecoin not shibu inu themed. To conflicting with that a hole group of shibu inu s

  2. The independent … jeez, have you seen previous articles of theirs about dogecoin? Elon or Tesla ??
    This is to get some readers but they are against crypto and you can tell from their article. Full of inconsistencies and wrong terms, not understanding the concept and not even bothering to do the research

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