Ultra Luxury $ 300 Thousand Pool Table from Bugatti

A pool table worth 300 thousand dollars was put on sale from Bugatti. A 300 Thousand Dollars Billiard Table from Bugatti, which we can call the bloodiest example of the word luxury.

Bugatti introduced a special pool table for those who say “Let me play a little bit of billiards” while sailing to the blues on their yacht. Only 30 of this ultra-luxurious billiard table will be produced, which has a price of 300 thousand dollars.
Bugatti, the luxury sports car brand of Italian origin, seems to want to spread its luxury, showiness and performance experience to different areas. Because the last product introduced by Bugatti was not a car that wiped the rust of our ears with the sound of the engine, but a pool table that you will need more than money to own.

Bugatti Pool Table, developed by Bugatti in partnership with IXO, or Bugatti Pool Table in Turkish, was produced to have the same standards and features as the billiard tables used in professional tournaments, according to the claim of the German brand of Italian origin. However, there are a few key differences that make it a Bugatti product.

Ultra Luxury 300 Thousand Pool Table from Bugatti 3

Before anything else; The frames of the Bugatti Pool Table are made of machined aluminum and titanium. In addition, the body, which has a top-to-bottom carbon fiber structure, carries the spirit of Bugatti cars to this ultra-luxurious billiard table. It also has a leather lining and a stainless steel frame in the pockets where you can insert billiard balls.

As you can imagine, Bugatti also provides all the additional equipment they will need for those who buy the pool table in question. This includes a sports sign with a 13-inch touchscreen, a carbon fiber design ceiling light, a special leather carrying case for balls, an aluminum chalk box, a cleaning brush and of course cues.

Ultra Luxury 300 Thousand Pool Table from Bugatti 2

Bugatti has integrated a special technology into the pool table, considering that those who want to have this ultra-luxurious pool table will definitely have a yacht. Knowing that yachts may lose balance due to waves in the sea, therefore it will not be possible to play games with an ordinary pool table in the yacht, the company added a gyroscopic sensor-supported balance mechanism to its pool table.

The balance mechanism in question ensures that the billiard table lengthens and shortens its legs within milliseconds, ensuring a perfect balance at all times. Moreover, this process, which is extremely quiet and vibration-free, allows the billiard match to continue even if the players have difficulty standing on the yacht.

Ultra Luxury 300 Thousand Pool Table from Bugatti 1

According to the statements made by Bugatti, only 30 of the Bugatti Pool Table will be produced and sales will begin next June. Bugatti’s price for this ultra-luxurious pool table is 300 thousand dollars. The price tag in question explains why Bugatti thinks those who buy this pool table will have a yacht.