Sunday, June 20

UniSwap V3 now surpasses the UniSwap V2 and Bitcoin. It has now become the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) on Ethereum.


  • s3p4r4t0r

    What exactly does “surpasses the UniSwap V2 and **Bitcoin**” mean?

    In which metric did it surpass Bitcoin? Fees collected?

  • maddogstonks

    Why is no one talking about Arbitrum? It seems like a big deal? Optomistic rollup being deployed tomorrow no token. UNI is going to use it and supposedly fee reduction by 270X.

  • exo762

    What is it all about with Uniswap V3 licence and refusal to deploy to variety of different L2s? Why are they supporting Optimism only?

  • DanielIsaacMiller

    And yet I had to use Metamask last night because it kept crapping out on a simple trade.

  • DeCrypt_DeFi

    The success of V3 and the continued dominance of V2 has led to Uniswap increasing its market share. It rose to a new 2021 high of 61%, as per Messari 🤩

  • coinfeeds-bot

    tldr; UniSwap V3 has become the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) on Ethereum. In the past 7 days, it has expedited over $4.6 million in volume. V3 surpassed V2 in the daily transaction volumes, while both have individually flipped Bitcoin in daily trading fees. UniSwap is a permissionless, decentralized exchange that operates on ETH.{}

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  • ArrayBoy



    I guess Ethereum can’t scale.

  • Steve_1982

    1inch is a better place for listing new tokens. Uniswap needs liquidity pools before listing a token.

  • GuiltyTomorrow416

    Bought my Uniswap about a month ago, lets give it a couple years and see what ive come up with!!!

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