US youth’s social media habits are dangerous

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A study conducted in the USA revealed that 20 percent of Gen Z spend at least 5 hours a day on TikTok. It was announced that the most preferred applications in the research were Youtube, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat.
A public opinion survey was conducted in the USA examining the habits of young people.

According to research by GetWizer and Joy Ventures, one in five teenagers uses TikTok, based in China.

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TikTok ranks first in the social media habits of young people in the USA

The study also sought answers to the question of how much time young people spend on social media.

Generation Z, that is, 20 percent of young people aged 15-24 spend at least 5 hours a day on TikTok.

It has been determined that young people start their day with Snapchat and browse TikTok before going to sleep.

Youtube and Instagram became the social media platforms most used by young people.

It was observed that boys prefer Youtube and Instagram, while girls prefer TikTok.

Yotube and Instagram take the lead in terms of number of users, but the longest time is devoted to the TikTok application during the day.

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“Social media” is on the agenda of the US Senate

  • In the social media app Facebook, for example, people don’t make editorial decisions. Algorithms do this job.
  • The goal is to steadily increase the time users spend on Facebook.
  • It is not only Facebook that uses the method in question.

Tristan Harris, Google Ethics Consultant, said, “Let’s take an example from Youtube. You start watching a Youtube video and you think you’re only going to watch a video. Then you see it, you’ve spent 2 hours. Because a supercomputer manipulates your mind.” said.

Another channel where the said system extends is the election processes. In the last two elections in the country, the influence of social media has been on the agenda. The most criticized point is that the platforms easily delete some content.

  • The issue has also come up in the UK.
  • The Center for Data Ethics and Innovation report highlighted the role of social media in mental health and the spread of misinformation.
  • He called on Parliament to increase control over social media algorithms.
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