User acquisition strategies to grow your app from Adjust and ironSource

It is no longer enough to rely on purely organic installations, app store and search engine optimization to show good competition. The key to growth, scaling, and profits as we enter 2021 is to create a user acquisition strategy that targets users who are generating more turnover than those spent on their gains.

Focusing on non-game applications such as travel, music, shopping, and news, the report, prepared in collaboration with Adjust and app monetization expert ironSource, includes user acquisition trends in the app industry and user acquisition strategies to keep you one step ahead. The “Growth Strategies for User Acquisition in Mobile Applications” e-book offers you the tips and tools you need to grow your application with user acquisition.

The Adjust and ironSource e-book, which scrutinizes everything from media sources of non-game applications to the best creative designs for transformation, is a guide to confidently take every step, whether you’re just starting out and building your strategy from scratch, or optimizing and developing your current strategy. in nature.

Backed by data from Adjust and ironSource, the report includes case studies and comparisons for KPIs such as CTR (Click Through Rate) and CVR (Conversion Rate) to help you better see how your performance is now compared to others.

Today, there are 2.2 million apps on iOS and 2.8 million on Google Play. As app stores become more saturated, this makes the job of app marketers very difficult.

The future of the mobile platform lies in customer transparency

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Analytics technologies like Adjust provide what data marketing professionals need to make better decisions and maintain their investments on the mobile platform. While we expect digital brands to pay more attention to the mobile platform in the future, we think they will do more to reach more users than expected from television, desktop, print and radio.

There were 38 million smartphone users in 2017 and 2018. In Turkey, this number will increase to over 40 million. The average user never leaves their phone with them and interacts with them hundreds of times a day. This is the perfect platform to catch the attention of the customers a marketer wants to reach.

What does IronSource do?

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While numerous individuals have heard our name, a great many people don’t really have the foggiest idea what we do.

ironSource is the main in-application video promoting stage. We make allowed to-play and allowed to-utilize feasible for over 1.5B individuals around the globe – which means, we assemble the advances that help application engineers take their applications to the following level.

Unicorns (actually no, not the supernatural animals) are secretly held new businesses with a current valuation of $1B or more.

Established in September 2010, we utilize more than 800 individuals across 11 worldwide workplaces. Over portion of our man (and lady) power is given to R&D.

Quality enables administrators to transform their current clients into dynamic clients, and has been coordinated on around 80M gadgets up until now. What’s to come is just looking more splendid.

ironSource is an Israeli software company backed by Carmel Ventures, a subsidiary of Viola Group, and CVC Capital Partners. The company focuses its core products on developing technologies for gametech-focused applications monetization and distribution.