VeChain and DNV Launch First Blockchain-Based IVF Application


vechain tup bebek

Together with DNV and Renji Hospital, one of China’s most important healthcare facilities, VeChain has brought the technology potential of blockchain into a new industry. Partners have launched MyBaby, a blockchain-based service application for In-Vetro (IVF) – insemination, IVF.

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The aim of the practice is to reduce the stress of this process by providing women and their families with a tool to help manage and improve the IVF process. The app allows hospitals to provide a better data management service and can help families track their baby’s progress. Also, the app was created to become a useful tool for reducing anxiety, depression and the stress associated with this process. The VeChain Foundation said:

“Our goal is to provide trust and emotional support to tens of thousands and more women and families at this challenging stage in their lives.”

In China, the IVF market is expected to exceed $2.8 billion in the next 4 years. The app is set to position VeChain at the center of a growing market and play an active role in its development with Renji Hospital’s Assisted Reproductive Service Center.

Approximately 400,000 patients are treated at this facility each year, and with VeChain, the hospital will be more transparent and provide data security.