Viber partnership with Huawei growing: Here are the details


Prohibition of their products in the USA after being blacklisted by the USA Google supportfaced with many sanctions until he loses his Huaweirecently the damage caused by sanctions trying to throw it over.

The company, which takes measures to reduce its loyalty to the USA, OS spends a lot of time on it. Apart from that its own app store AppGallery Huawei, which also does serious work on, cooperation with new companies continues to do.

‘Secret cooperation’ detected between Huawei and Beijing

Huawei, whose days in the UK are numbered, is now suffering from a secret cooperation investigation conducted by the British Parliament.

Huawei expands cooperation with Viber

Huawei’nin Decision to expand cooperation with ViberUndoubtedly, behind the great success of the voice and video messaging app in the AppGallery store lies. About Joining the AppGallery store 1.5 years ago Viber since then A huge global success with 62 million downloads achieved.

Huawei, monthly 249 million active users It expresses the success of Viber, which serves users with, as a part of Huawei’s plans to adopt the “Global and Local” strategy. This allows Huawei to focus on developing new collaborations with application providers and developers.

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After the announcement of cooperation from Huawei Viber, recently owned by Huawei users Viber all sticker packs completely free released a customized app update that allows them to download as of.

On top of that, Rakuten Viber’s Chief Growth Officer, Anna Znamenskaya said, “We are very happy to have an important market player like Huawei as our partner. We are also pleased that users like our application. The data we receive from Viber downloads shows that our efforts are on track and our partnership is paying off. We are confident that our cooperation has a wonderful future. ”Used expressions.

Chinese company Huawei continues to expand its own app store AppGallery, which it currently uses on its devices. Aiming to offer a full application store to users after the HarmonyOS operating system was released, the company managed to double the number of applications in the store in one year. Instant 120 thousand applications AppGallery, which serves users with, aims to further expand its library.


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