Web3 is stupid and transparency is the number one ad fashion word?

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Web3 is silly and transparency is going to be the number one advertising buzzword and what’s going on about the future technology Web3.

Spotify Icebergify, TikTok still trouble, OpenSea email leak, Hangouts (again) ending, Steam sale, Instagram turning everything into Reel, Snapchat paid and layoffs everywhere.

Spotify Icebergify

Spotify Icebergify shows you what Spotify thinks you like. But maybe there will be things you didn’t even know existed. Descriptions on Spotify iceberg : How to get the latest viral playlist Icebergify

FCC commissioner wants to pull TikTok from Apple Store and Play Store. The issue is user privacy and security. Brendan Carr describes TikTok as a “serious threat to national security”.

OpenSea leaked customer emails via supplier Customer.io. An employee there abused access, downloaded it, and gave the email to someone else. It affects millions of people.

A lawyer hired by Apple to protect against insider trading has been accused of insider trading.

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Almost half of the information about clicks in Google Search Console is not shown to you. Analytics from AHREFs also provide a handy report for Google Data Studio.

Web3 is crap. Crypto people are trying to involve more people in their scam, which is – untrue – claiming a better internet to make money.

Do you find Chinese trash on Amazon? It’s getting worse, an avalanche of Chinese “sellers” has flooded the Amazon. Same product under hundreds of brands. Fascinating read on The Surprising Why Your Amazon Searches Are Bringing More Confusing Results Than Ever

“Apple has undermined browser diversity. Contrary to the claims of Apple supporters, limiting the engine in iOS does not prevent a “takeover” by Chrome – at least that’s not the primary effect. Apple is using power over browsers to dig and sabotage the web, damaging all engine projects and consuming the web’s future potential.

The fastest news sites. First, an unfamiliar website. But USA Today, the Financial Times, and The Guardian did. Better not to open Czech news sites.


Web3 is stupid and transparency is the number one ad fashion word

Amazon has released CodeWhisperer, similar to Copilot, an artificial intelligence that makes it easy for programmers to build applications using machine learning. Assistant at Amazon CodeWhisperer

An AI Learning to Play Minecraft They write at An AI Learning to Play Minecraft, and It’s Actually Pretty Good. As it stands, this is not entirely true.

SleepAid for waking up Mac/MacBook solution.

Warp (Mac OS). Create custom window configurations and refresh them from the menu bar or with a custom keyboard shortcut.

SQLite 3.39.0 is out.

CRProxy is a service and command line tool that allows you to serve web content from your local computer or behind a firewall.

The Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) has left GitHub and is urging other developers to do the same.

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Hangouts still has an end date. This time November 2022.

Old iPads won’t be fully usable as smart home hubs. The reason is said to be “new architecture”. So it’s just another way to force people to buy new models.

Mashable-tested Tinder Platinum. The most expensive “membership” on a popular dating site. As expected, they found that there was no point in buying.

Meta is still trying to monetize VR. In addition to the 30% fee for digital purchases, it introduced a new 17.5 percent “platform fee”.

Instagram will (finally) let you delete your account even on a mobile phone. But only on the iPhone because Apple forced it into it. Meta counts as a good thing for the user.

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Bungie Sues YouTuber A gamer who has filed more than ninety false DMCA copyright complaints on behalf of the company. He did this after his channel received a string of DMCA complaints for airing the Destiny soundtrack.

Security flaws in Internet-connected Jacuzzi SmartTub hot tubs exposed their owners’ personal information. More than ten thousand users may be affected, and in addition to leaking personal information, hot tubs can also be remotely controlled.

Russia launched cyber espionage and attacks against Ukraine’s allies in a total of 42 countries. The Czech Republic is among them. This is stated by Microsoft in its report Defending Ukraine: Early Lessons from Cyber ​​Warfare (PDF).

A Japanese man lost an entire city’s USB drive containing his personal data. It almost sounds incredible.

Pinterest is going to court, it will be decided who is behind the creation of the network.

In 2021, 67 ransomware attacks hit 954 US schools and colleges. These attacks are estimated to have cost educational institutions $3.56 billion in downtime alone.

Pentagon-sponsored research (PDF) has revealed that Blockchain is not as decentralized as previously thought.

Vinted investigated possible GDPR violations in the Netherlands, France, Lithuania and Poland.

The piece app solves the anonymity distribution. This will be necessary in light of the US abortion ban. It will also present a number of additional complications for tech companies.

CISA warns that Log4Shell is still a threat.

iCloud Private Relay is exploited by attackers. The advantage of unblocked addresses with DDoS attacks and added anonymity. It’s a difficult problem for Apple to solve, the attackers are doing nothing but taking advantage of a useful service.

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