What are the features of the 2021 BMW i3? 2021 BMW i3 with Existing Features

The BMW i3 is both fun and comfortable, with powerful performance combined with a super efficient powertrain. What makes it look more special than competitors like the Renault Zoe or Peugeot e-208 is a unique interior design and build quality. With its contemporary look, the BMW i3 is far from traditional city cars. In this way, it offers an interesting driving experience. And while the i3’s electric powertrain is impressive, its interior and design make it one of the most user-friendly and attractive electric cars you can buy.

Those who want to buy a car in 2021 are also evaluating electric vehicle alternatives. For this reason, electric models of BMW are being searched on their web pages. He gave information for those who are curious about the BMW i3 model. In the statement made by the company, “. With its increased range, the BMW i3s (120 Ah) is packed with innovative technologies that you can safely use in your daily life.

It connects you to the outside world, informs you of developments, allows you to be planned and takes you as far as you want to go. It is always ready to hit the road and discover new places. It does all this with a stylish and pioneering design for electric driving pleasure. Expressions were used.

What are the features of the 2021 BMW i3 2021 BMW i3 with Existing Features 3

BMW i3 Specifications

There are two versions of i3. A standard model with 168 horsepower. And the i3s consists of a sportier model with 181 horsepower. BMW no longer sells hybrid ‘range extender’ models that use three-cylinder gasoline engines to charge the battery on the go. The futuristic feel continues in the interior. Access to the rear is easy thanks to rear hinged doors and the absence of a B-pillar. There is an advanced satellite navigation, a 10-inch iDrive touch screen, DAB radio, hands-free Bluetooth, access to music and email applications. You can also upgrade with the Harman Kardon sound system.

i3’s still weigh 1,290 kg. The i3 is powered by an electric motor of 168bhp in the standard car or 181bhp in the i3s. This allows it to be connected to the rear axle via a single speed fixed ratio gearbox. And it uses a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery. The battery is integrated into the rear cabin floor, while the engine takes up half the space under the boot floor.

What are the features of the 2021 BMW i3 2021 BMW i3 with Existing Features 1


  • BMW eDrive energy consumption (kWh / 100 km) 14.7
  • CO2 emission (g / km) 0
  • Energy efficiency (with Range Extender: CO2 efficiency) A +

Range and charging time

  • Range with electric motor (km) 325
  • Range with electric motor (average user value) (km) 260
  • Lithium ion battery capacity (kWh) 37.9
  • Fast charging, eg in a DC fast charging station: DC; 125 A; 50 kW (80%) 42
  • Charging time of high voltage battery (80%) (h) 3:10 to 9:40 (depending on Wallbox type)


  • Unladen weight (kg) EC 1365
  • Permitted total weight (kg) 1730
  • Car’s load capacity (kg) 440
  • Permitted front / rear axle load (kg) 770/980

BMW eDrive

  • Electric motor power (kW / hp) 135/184
  • Electric motor max. torque (Nm) 270


  • Maximum speed (km / h) with electric motor 160
  • Acceleration from 0-100 km / h 6.9
  • 80-120 km / h flexibility 4.3


  • Front tire 175/55 R20 89 T XL
  • Rear tire 195/50 R20 93 T XL
  • Front rim 5.5J x 20 LM
  • Rear rim 6Jx 20 LM

BMW i3s (120 Ah):

  • Power consumption per kWh / 100 km: 14.7
  • CO2 emission (g / km) (combined): 0
  • Fuel consumption (liters / 100 km) (average): 0
  • Electric range (km): 325 *
  • Electric range for daily use (km): 260
  • Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
What are the features of the 2021 BMW i3 2021 BMW i3 with Existing Features 2