What Awaits Turkey as of May 17?

Hürriyet writer Fulya Soybaş explored what should be done after the period of full closure that will end on May 17th. Scientists argue that after this process, there should be a period of normalization in a controlled manner and not fully opening.

For a while because of the coronavirus pandemic “full closure“Turkey, which is in his period, will probably open on May 17th. Although the government officials do not say anything clearly in their statements on this issue, the citizens can more or less predict how the opening will be. As of May 17 It reveals what the things that need to be experienced are.

Scientists, who made statements on the subject, said that the “full opening” to be experienced as of May 17 is the right decision. will not be They are of the opinion. Expressing that this mistake has been made before, experts say that if a full opening decision is made on May 17th and after, it is it won’t work they argue. In this case, what kind of developments should be experienced after May 17?

According to experts, what should be experienced after May 17?

What will happen after complete closure?

Professor of Health Sciences University. Dr. İlyas Dökmetaş, on the subject what happened in the past year reminds. In this context, the professor said that after the closures before the summer season last year, the full opening brought the number of cases to 30 thousand again, and after the full closure that will end a week later. acting rationallyargues that full opening should not be initiated.


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According to Dökmetaş, first of all, in the post-closure process during working hours regulation should be done. Explaining this situation with an example, the professor says that a group of public employees can start work between 08: 00-16: 00 and the other group between 12: 00-20: 00, thus preventing the crowd that will occur in public transportation. Professor Dökmetaş, of restaurants and cafes He thinks that it can be opened by taking strict measures. However, just like before, the obligation of the HES code, reducing the table density and open airis critical for these spaces.

Restaurants and cafes after full closure

Prof. Dr. In the statements made by İlyas Dökmetaş, there is an emphasis on vaccination. Full closure will be extended for 1 more week and this is 1 week concentrate on vaccination The scientist says that the number of people who receive the first dose vaccination must exceed 20 million. Pointing out that under the current conditions, its social immunity is around 30 percent and 40 percent, Dökmetaş said, 50 percent or even 60 percentHe states that we can relax when he reaches the ‘s. In addition, according to this scientist, the travel restriction should continue for a while.


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Another name that Fulya Soybaş spoke with, Prof. Dr. Nuriye Ortaylı especially at border gates He argues that very serious measures should be taken, and that the priority should be public health rather than tourism. Saying that the PCR test should be applied to even a citizen walking on the street, the scientist states that the epidemic can only be stopped in this way. According to Ortaylı qualified affiliation Correct isolation of citizens who are infected with the disease is one of the most important issues in combating the epidemic.

President Erdoğan, regarding the measures to be implemented after May 17 In a couple of days will explain. These statements will be the clearest indicator of what awaits us.

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