What is 5G? What are the Features of 5G Technology?

The 5th generation mobile telecommunications service is a new generation wireless phone technology. Restructuring the technological infrastructure of cellular networks used by mobile phones with new rules can also be tried. It also provides approximately 10 times the data transfer rate of fourth generation technology.

In this context, changes made in the use of radio frequencies, processors and antennas and new additions to increase capacity can also be mentioned. It is envisaged to be completed and used by the International Telecommunication Union and the European Union by 2020.

In the light of technological developments, 5G technologies continue to develop at a dizzying speed. While we have just started to get used to 4G technology, 5G technology and the innovations it will bring with it are being talked about all over the world recently, after 4.5G has suddenly entered our lives. Our country follows these developments closely and continues the installation of necessary infrastructure systems at full speed. So, what is 5G, the communication technology of the future?

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Communication devices, which are frequently used in daily life, are produced in accordance with the infrastructure standards of cellular networks. Therefore, as technology develops, cellular networks change their infrastructure codes to provide more effective service. 5G means that these infrastructure codes and materials are changed five times. In other words, it can be called the new generation fast and reliable mobile internet connection.

What Will Change In Our Lives With 5G Technology?

5G technology networking is expected to be adopted globally in the near future. Of course, with this technology, revolutionary changes are expected in many areas, especially in the mobile internet world. According to experts, 5G seems to create radical changes in sectors such as health, entertainment, service and automotive, except for the phone connection. The changes that can occur with 5G are summarized as follows:

5G technology also comes with real-time augmented reality technology. For example, the next generation technology required for the production of virtual reality glasses completely wirelessly and for use can be provided with 5G infrastructure.

If you are tired of the wiring in the house, the new generation technology is just for you. With 5G, there will be high-speed internet connections at home and workplaces, so the age of dependence on cables for Ethernet connections over Wi-Fi is coming to an end.

One of the most anticipated features of 5G technology is undoubtedly autonomous machines. With this new technology, automobile companies can integrate innovative automobiles into daily life much more easily and test developments instantly.


It provides useful features for 5G base stations. Although the existence of mobile internet is not considered without a base station, new generation technology offers the opportunity to work with fewer base stations and therefore with new designed phones.

One of the innovations that will come together with 5G technology will be 8K image technology. Although there is such a technology today, special screen televisions that provide 8K images can provide broadcast over 5G.

Companies using cloud technology also expect to benefit from this new technology. With the new period, it is planned to increase the use of cloud services and to make them widespread. Cloud technology is expected to be active in hardware-independent game networks.

What are the Advantageous Features of 5G Technology?

Of course, the biggest advantage of 5G technology, which is new to our lives and is highly anticipated, is that it has high speed. Data download speeds are expected to reach over 1 Gbps after 5G and the internet will become a much easier and faster available platform. Of course, this dizzying speed of the internet environment brings with it many advantages.

With 5G technology, it seems that it will stop charging smartphones continuously. Although smartphones allow us to easily handle many tasks during the day, short battery life is still seen as one of the problems. With 5G technology, it is aimed to extend the battery life to 10 years and to charge the phones once a month.

How fast?

The answer to this question will depend on where you live, which service operator you use, and when you decide to take the 5G train. But compared to current speeds, the simple answer to the question is: very fast.

According to the test results of a company, speeds of 4.5 gigabits per second were reached, but this is the fastest speed reached. It is stated that the average speed is 1.4 gigabits per second, indicating that it is 20 times faster than the fastest 4G communication in existence. For example, downloading a high resolution movie will only take 15 seconds at average speeds.

Delays in loading websites are also expected to decrease. To reach a site, data must pass through different service providers and physical centers. Delays of 50 to 100 milliseconds are now considered normal. With 5G, which includes new technologies in this field, it is estimated that the latency will decrease to a few milliseconds.

What is the Disadvantage of 5G Technology?

5G has advantages as well as some disadvantages, of course. The first of these is accessibility. Unfortunately, it will take time for the new generation technology to become widespread, as 5G technology will only be used in the latest smart devices. On the other hand, as infrastructures need to be strengthened and new infrastructures established, each country needs to allocate a serious budget for new technology.

In order for the 5G technology to become widespread and to expand the coverage area, base stations connecting with 5G satellites must be established at short intervals. This is directly to mind “Is 5G harmful?” brings the question. Many people fear that these base stations, which are planned to be established especially close to residential areas, will emit radiation.

As one of the disadvantages of 5G technology, it is stated that software vulnerabilities will cause cyberattacks. Since security problems are seen in every area where software technology is present, it is estimated that the vulnerabilities and cyber attacks that may occur during the whole process can threaten the entire network as a whole. This situation reveals that the whole system should be planned with highly professional and high standard software technology.

What are the Main Differences Between 5G Technology and 4G?

There are basically three main differences between 5G and 4G. These are called speed, capacity and latency. Because each of these criteria is important in order to benefit from all the benefits of the internet. Each new generation technology aims to improve these main criteria. By briefly explaining each of them, we can summarize the differences as follows:

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The most basic feature that distinguishes 5G technology from 4G is described as speed. 5G, which will soon be implemented, is planned to be 100 times faster than 4G technology. For this, the networks created are built on high frequency waves, that is, high band spectra. Thus, it is predicted that faster data transfer than 4G can be achieved thanks to these frequencies.

To be able to use the same internet with a crowded person, who is featured in terms of capacity. For example, when the same internet is transmitted with all people in a sports event or a concert venue, it is requested to display the internet speed without decreasing. It is stated that the internet speed will not decrease even if the number of users increases with 5G technology.

The time it takes for any device to communicate with another device or the server that provides and sends data is called a delay. If you want to sample daily life, this concept can be expressed as the time between mobile devices when you send a text message to someone. Although the latency measured in milliseconds is low in 4G, it is stated that this time will decrease to zero with 5G technology.