What is a clubhouse, how do I become a member?

There is no text message, comment, liking or photo sharing, video chat in Clubhouse.In the application, which does not have a conventional home page flow, interaction is provided through voice chat rooms. The application is currently only available for iOS users.

The Clubhouse application, which was launched in 2020, is one of the most curious social networking platforms of users. The application, which allows users to interact via voice chat rooms, differs from many other social network applications such as Facebook and Twitter with its invitation-based membership system.

What is a clubhouse?

The Clubhouse app is launched by Alpha Exploration Co. It is a social network platform developed by the software company that allows interaction via voice chat rooms.
Unlike Facebook and Instagram, the Clubhouse application does not share videos and photos, and users can participate in chat rooms on topics that interest them and participate in discussions through voice interaction.

To become a member of the application without entering the waiting list, it is necessary to receive an invitation from a user using the application.

The application, whose popularity is increasing day by day, reached a market value of one billion dollars on January 21, 2021.

Great danger in the clubhouse! Many people uploaded it, including Elon Musk

How Can I Use Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse application provides voice interaction to its users through chat rooms.

In the chat rooms set up according to the topic, users can join the chat if they get permission from the chat manager, or they can join the conversation as a listener only.

Unlike Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, there is no text messaging, video conversation, post or photo sharing in the Clubhouse application.

The application is currently only available for iOS users.

How to Become a Clubhouse Member?

For now, you need to download the application, which is only available to iOS users, to your device first.

After choosing a username and verifying your account via SMS, Clubhouse puts your account on a waiting list.

If a user who is already a member of the application sends an invitation, your membership process is completed without entering the waiting list.


How to Get Clubhouse Invitation Code?

To become a member of the Clubhouse application, a friend who is already using the application must send you an invitation code. You cannot register without an invitation code. Clubhouse invite code on many forums and websites people try to add each other.

You can get the Clubhouse invitation code from a friend who is a member of the application. Or you can get one of the codes shared here by typing Clubhouse in the search field on Twitter. There is no way other than these methods to get the code into the application.


Working with the invitation system, Clubhouse is a mobile application that appeals to a limited number of users and is still under development and is currently very popular.

Developers are still working on the Android version for Clubhouse, which can only be used by iOS users with the invitation system, but there is no official application in the Play Store yet.

It is stated that the application, whose popularity is increasing day by day, is also being developed for Android devices.

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