What is a Software Engineer?

Software Engineering is a science that deals with software. As representatives of this science, software engineers examine the requirements, design and structure of the software to be created in line with the needs of the users or create the software using programming languages.

Software engineers, called representatives of this discipline, often work with an end-user focus. Many software engineers create new software and new designs or improve an existing software to meet the end user needs, taking into account the end users.

The programs used by our computers, smart devices, televisions and even our cars today are the result of the work of software science and software engineers. Thanks to software engineers, the technology is reduced to both the end user and the competent and expert, which makes it simple and practical.

What is a Software Engineer

What Does a Software Engineer Do? What are the Duties and Responsibilities?

Software engineers interact with the people who will use the software to understand and analyze their needs. As a result of the analysis, it determines the best application and plans the backbone of the software first.

It works with programmers during the coding phase of the planned software. After the software is completed and presented to the user, it deals with the necessary trainings and the problems that may occur during use.

Software engineering graduates can work in any industry where computer systems are used and developed. Examples of industries where a software engineer can work are banking, telecommunications, automotive, hospital, etc. Sectors can be given. Due to the low number of employees with knowledge of software engineering in the sector, they can easily find a job.

Software engineers’ business areas in general; programming, testing, business analyst, database expertise and project management.

Working as a Software Engineer in San Francisco

According to a new study published by the data science team at Hired, which enters the job market for tech workers, it shows why software engineers’ lives in San Francisco are getting harder, despite making more money than in the US and other countries around the world.

The company’s data team determined that the average salary for a software engineer in the Bay Area is $ 134,000. On Hain’s platform, 280,000 interview requests and job offers were made to 45,000 job seekers by more than 5,000 companies. This is much more than software engineers anywhere in the country, behind the tracks in Seattle, they loaned engineers for 126,000 dollars. Boston, Austin, L.A., New York and Washington D.C. In other technology centers, including, software engineers are paid on average between $ 110,000 and $ 120,000.

Still, higher wages don’t mean much in the face of high rents and rising cost of living in Silicon Valley. On the contrary, considering the cost of living factor, San Francisco is one of the cities that pays software engineers the least, says Jessica Kirkpatrick, the executive data scientist of Hired. According to his analysis; Considering every dollar spent in the growing capital city of Texas, an engineer living in the Bay Area earning $ 198,000 is about the same as an engineer working in Austin who pays $ 110,000. A similar situation is the case of software engineers in Melbourne, Australia, who earn a relatively lower wage of $ 107,000, and engineers working in San Francisco with a salary of $ 150,000.

Annual Salaries of Employees in the Technology Sector in the USA

Have you ever wondered how much some technology companies in America pay their employees?

Software engineering manager: $ 163,500

The software engineering manager manages the team that researches, develops and supervises the company’s software.

Data warehouse architect: $ 154,800

Data warehouse architects oversee the broad range of data areas of the company and prepare them for analysis.

Software development manager: $ 153,300

The software development engineer is responsible for the development and control of certain systems and applications within the company.

Infrastructure architect: $ 153,000

Infrastructure architects are responsible for the company’s IT systems, which include servers, data centers, and cloud computing platforms.

Application planner: $ 149,000

The implementation planner determines the strategy of the applications in the company. It is his responsibility to use existing applications and when new applications will be created.

Software architect: $ 145,400

The software architect is responsible for the overall plan and strategy executed while creating the software.

Information security engineer: 131,300

The information security engineer works to protect the data of the company he works for from hackers. It is his responsibility to strengthen encryption and close security gaps in the company’s infrastructure.