What is ad representative? What does an Ad Representative do?

It may seem like a tiring job at first, but it is a simple job that becomes increasingly common and repetitive. Advertising Agents that focus on finding ads for businesses often use emails and phones for this job.

If you are confident in your marketing skills and your human communication is strong, this is probably a good job for you. Advertising reps like to talk and should be able to encourage people to speak. Every customer will give you new ideas, in this context, it is a profession where you can constantly improve yourself.

The most important question faced by advertising representatives during the recruitment process is “experience”. In order to gain experience, you can spend long-term internship processes in the first place.

What is an Ad Agent What does an Ad Representative do 1


  • Starting Fee: $ 1,000 – $ 4,000
  • Annual Potential Earnings: 35,000 TL – 90,000 USD
  • Commission: 5 percent to 25 percent
  • Advertising Methods: E-mail, phone calls, search engine ads, redirects
  • Experience Desired: Advertising Agencies
  • Required Equipment: Basic office equipment
  • Can Be Done At Home: Yes
  • Additional Staff Requirement: No
  • Is it Disabled: Yes
  • Hidden Costs: High phone bills and shipping costs

Advertising Sales Representative; It is the professional title given to the person who communicates with the companies that want to advertise and enables the companies to determine the techniques to be used and at the same time offers creative suggestions for the companies.

What is a Social Media Advertising Representative?

What is an Ad Agent What does an Ad Representative do 2

The person who evaluates customer requests from the social media channel by communicating with the customers in written or verbal form is called a social media customer representative. As a customer representative, it is among his duties to resolve these requests.

The social media advertising representative needs to follow the requests from different social media channels. Due to the dynamic nature of social media, customers’ demands are expected to be resolved quickly and in an instant. This situation requires the fulfillment of the following sensitive responsibilities;

  • Meeting demands from customers according to strategies from social media channel management,
  • To meet customer demands in the fastest way and to offer solutions at once,
  • To apply the processes designed by customer experience teams in these channels in the most accurate way,
  • Identifying problems arising during the implementation of processes and reporting to their managers,
  • Realizing the solution performance of customer demands within the defined criteria,
  • Examining past customer requests and customer interviews at regular intervals and requesting improvement by identifying areas of improvement,
  • Knowing the legal regulations that should be applied in the social media channel and fulfilling these requirements in every communication with the customer,
  • To provide ISO 9001 and ISO10002 quality standards in order to monitor the service quality of the social media channel,
  • To follow the applications in social media and to improve oneself accordingly.
What is an Ad Agent What does an Ad Representative do 3