What is Atari Token (ATRI)? Amanda Cerny and many celebrities are getting ATRI

What is the Arcade Icon? Where to Buy ATRI? The Atari token is an ERC-20 Token built on the Ethereum network using decentralized ledger technology. ATRI, the token of Atari, one of the largest console brands in the world, aims to be a payment tool for the entertainment industry. Atari Token has many functions, from facilitating in-game smart contracts to making money for the game, expanding and protecting assets.

What is Atari Token ATRI Amanda Cerny and many celebrities are getting ATRI 1

What is the Atari Icon [ATRI]?

Atari Token is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Atari Chain Ltd, a subsidiary of video game and consumer electronics company Atari Interactive. Developed by Token, designed for the specific needs of the interactive entertainment industry.

Atari hopes ATRI tokens will become a universal method for payments in the video game industry. In this plan, developers and publishers will have new ways to monetize their offers, smart contracts will be incorporated into processes, and in-game assets will be better protected.

ATRI opened to the public on October 30, 2020. Prior to this date, three separate private token pre-sale rounds took place in March-April, September and October 2020.

Who is the Founder of Atari Token?

Atari Token was founded and is constantly being developed by Atari’s subsidiary Atari Chain Limited for exactly this purpose.

Founded in 1972 by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney in California, Atari is known as one of the first successful video game and arcade game companies. The company’s first commercially successful video game, Pong, was released by Atari in November 1972.

The company’s Atari 2600 video game console, released in 1977, was one of the first platforms to pioneer the use of ROM cartridges. During this time, many other consoles supported games installed on the device itself.

Atari entered under the umbrella of Infogrames Entertainment (IESA) in 2008. A French conglomerate focused on video games, the company is headquartered in Paris and is known today as Atari SA.

What is Atari Token ATRI Amanda Cerny and many celebrities are getting ATRI 2

Although ATRI is currently not available on major centralized exchanges, it ranks 351st in market cap. With a maximum supply of 7,771,000 and a Total Supply of 1,975,082, the Atri token is located on the Bitcoin .com exchange, which has a circulating supply of 594 million, and Uniswap, which has most of its volume outside of its website.

Why is the Atari Token Different?

The principle market Atari Token is focusing on is the intuitive media outlet. Atari plans to make a decentralized, secure and permissionless strategy for moving resources among ATRI and individual players and additionally computer game stages.

As of November 2020, Atari Chain Ltd. is fostering an organization of brilliant stages, computer games and online gambling clubs that will uphold profound mix with ATRI and exploit blockchain-based decentralized digital currencies. Later on, the organization intends to offer ATRI coordination choices for any stage or application in the computer game industry.

ATRI is a completely decentralized token dependent on Ethereum’s ERC-20 consistence standard. Along these lines, it tends to be effortlessly incorporated into online trades and wallets on Ethereum’s current foundation. This makes the way for fresh out of the plastic new use situations in the computer game industry.

One of Atari Chain’s own models is expertise based computer games where players contend by uncovering ATRI tokens. In this model, the triumphant player gets every one of the tokens raised and can promptly change them over to another digital money or fiat cash, for example, the US dollar on an ERC-20 upheld trade where ATRI is recorded.

Amanda Cerny Announces Receiving Atari Token (ATRI)


Amanda Cerny, an Influencer who became famous for her Vine videos, stated that she received Atari token (ATRI) in her post on her Twitter account.

Amanda Cerny, an Influencer who became famous for her Vine videos, stated that she received Atari token (ATRI) in her post on her Twitter account.

I Just bought big into $atri at a discount – I like growth the potential with upcoming exchange listings. 🤑

Amanda Cerny previously played an active role in the cryptocurrency world. It is stated that Cerny is also in close communication with Binance CEO CZ.