What Is Call Tracking and How Does It Work?

“Digital Marketing” is being redefined with call tracking technology. Generally speaking, “Call Tracking”; Television, Radio, Brochure, Catalog, (Google, Yandex), your website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Analyzing the performance of dynamic incoming calls in addition to the calls made to the phone number you report to offline advertising sources, the numbers assigned to the phone number you report to your social media accounts and many other online channels and report them separately on an operating system panel.

How Does Call Tracking Service Work?

In order for our Call Tracking system to work properly, our technical team is integrated into your website.

  • Our system assigns different dynamic numbers starting with 0850 to each customer calling you. The number of assigned numbers varies according to the selected package contents. The number of numbers to be assigned is directly proportional to the “pagerank” of the website.
  • Different dynamic numbers can be displayed to each different customer visiting your website, as well as a single static number.
  • A customer visiting your website contacts you by calling any number they see.
  • In this way, all call information, statistics and analysis are reflected on your corporate admin panel that you will view.

What are the Advantages of Call Tracking?

It tracks from which ad source, where and when the call came from.

Records the calls during the conversation with the customer.

It makes all analysis of unanswered, busy, canceled, answered or repeated calls during the call.

It analyzes the number of incoming calls from the website and allows you to call your potential customers back on your behalf within seconds thanks to the “Call Me Back” feature, so you don’t miss calls.

It allows you to easily download all data according to date ranges to your computer and smartphone.

With its “Caller Seeing” integration, it allows you to recognize a person who called you from your website in the past.

Thanks to our “LikeOrDislike – LOD” application, it analyzes the satisfaction of their calls and records the people who are not satisfied with the speech to your panel. If not satisfied after the conversation, the system automatically reconnects the person to the operator within the specified time.

Once integrated with the “CRM system” you use, it helps to speed up your operation.

It allows you to control your advertising budgets with Google and Yandex compatibility.

Our “Form Tracking – Form Tracking” application analyzes the traffic of contact forms on the website. Who, when, through which advertising channel, entered your contact form, etc. By answering the questions, it reflects this information to the panel. Thus, it ensures that you do not miss your customers coming from contact forms.

Thanks to our “Email Tracking – Email Tracking” application, it analyzes the customers who want to reach you via e-mail on your website and reflects this information to the panel, just like in form and call tracking.

It allows you to measure the call response performance of sales personnel working in your organization.