What is Coinbase? How to get a Coinbase IPO? Will Coinbase be listed with the coin?

Coinbase Global, Inc., known as Coinbase, is an American company that operates the first cryptocurrency exchange platform that operates remotely without an official physical center.

How to get a Coinbase IPO?

What is Bitcoin How to get a Coinbase IPO Will Coinbase be listed with the coin

Coinbase’s IPO will take place and approximately 115 million shares will be offered. The Nasdaq US exchange gave Coinbase a reference price of $ 250 per share on Wednesday, April 14 before its scheduled direct listing today.

The actual price of the site that will start trading under the “COIN” symbol will be determined according to the buy and sell orders on Nasdaq and the reference price will only be used to see Coinbase’s performance.

Kraken, founded in 2011 and one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, has more than 6 million customers.

In an interview, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell stated that the company has benefited significantly from the rally in Bitcoin. Bitcoin hit a record high at $ 60,000 in mid-March.

Noting that they had a better first quarter than the whole of last year, Powell said, “We exceeded last year’s figures at the end of February”.

4 times more users joined the Kraken platform in the first quarter of this year than in the second half of 2020. Transaction volumes reached a record level with 160 billion dollars in this period.

Another cryptocurrency platform, Coinbase, had received approval from the US Securities Exchange Commission in order to be listed on Nasdaq in the previous days.


What is Bitcoin How to get a Coinbase IPO Will Coinbase be listed with the coin

Coinbase is the first American cryptocurrency exchange platform to operate remotely without an official physical hub. The company was founded in 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam, and as of March 2021, it has become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US by trading volume. Coinbase, Coinbase Global, Inc. It is a subsidiary of the holding company.


Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN) will go public, but the company will not do so through the normal initial public offering (IPO) method.

The company will list its stocks under the COIN exchange on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange on April 14.

While Coinbase’s shares are currently only traded among private investors on the Nasdaq Special Market, retail investors can be prepared to invest in Coinbase’s publicly traded shares as soon as they enter the market.

If you are familiar with the stock buying process, you can use your existing brokerage account to prepare for Coinbase’s IPO.

Coinbase Market cap reaches $ 112 billion

The US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase went public to be traded on the US stock exchange Nasdaq. Coinbase, which applied to the SEC to be listed on Nasdaq for the exchange where crypto coins are traded and whose application has been accepted, will be the crypto currency exchange traded on the US stock markets in the new period.

Coinbase officially took its place on Nasdaq with the IPO. The shares of Coinbase, the first cryptocurrency trading platform to be opened to the public in the USA, started trading with the code “COIN” on the New York stock exchange yesterday. The shares of Coinbase, with a reference price of $ 250 per share, saw more than $ 420 after the opening, and closed the day at $ 328, giving back a significant portion of their earnings with sales from this level.

The market value of the company reached up to $ 112 billion, with stock prices rising rapidly to $ 429. The stocks then fell below the starting price at $ 310.

Coinbase, which opted to go public through direct listing on Nasdaq, thus offered its existing shareholders and investors the opportunity to sell their shares. Coinbase announced that it applied to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on February 25 to be listed on Nasdaq and received the necessary approval on April 1.