What is Dogecoin? What is the meaning of the Dogecoin name and what are the reasons for its rise?

DogeCoin, which has become the world’s most popular crypto currency in terms of transaction frequency in a very short time, despite starting out from an internet moose and starting its life with a functional function like a joke, definitely deserves to be mentioned. After Elon Musk, curiosity about Dogecoin, the virtual currency that caught a rapid trend, increased. In this article, we will share with you all the details about Dogecoin.

What is Dogecoin?

In the event that there is an option that could be more diligently than enlightening an outsider to cryptographic forms of money regarding Bitcoin, it is to clarify Dogecoin and why it has gotten so mainstream, what it does, and why it is a particularly significant achievement for the fate of digital currencies. Albeit the coin being referred to arose out of a web deer and began its existence with a joke work, it unquestionably has the right to be referenced as it has become the world’s most well known cryptographic money and altcoin regarding exchange recurrence in a brief timeframe.

On the off chance that you discovered this article while investigating data about Dogecoin, which is truly significant as it has intrigued numerous youngsters about Bitcoin and other digital forms of money and straightforwardly made them begin utilizing them, you have gone to the perfect spot. So, we will rapidly discuss how the DOGE coin appeared and why it turned out to be so famous and investigate what may occur later on.

TikTok Videosu Sayesinde Dogecoin 25 Deger Kazandi

In fact, we can get to the bottom of the answer to this question by first examining where the word Doge (or internet meme) is derived from.

The word “Doge” is actually derived from the deliberate misspelling of the English word “Dog”, which means dog as we all know, but the reason for this is that internet historians first appeared in an episode of the series, which was in the form of a cartoon / puppet show called Homestar Runner in 2005. They argue that it is out.

The word Doge became “Dogecoin”, not directly after this point, but as Doge gained popularity as an image macro (or CAPS with the widespread use in Turkish). On this internet deer, photographs of a Shiba Inu dog are caricatured as if expressing the dog’s inner voice and thoughts, usually in the “wow” “such x” “so y” format and decorated with a distorted English. humor is done.

Dogecoin Marketed in 2013

This image type, which turned out to be famous in media, for example, Tumblr in 2013 and got one of the web wonders of the year, straightforwardly caused the rise of Dogecoin.

This coin, which is really a subordinate of Litecoin and turns the Shiba Inu type canine named in the Doge deer into its logo, was made by programming designer Billy Markus.

Dogecoin, which arose as a plan to build individuals’ advantage in digital forms of money in any case and profited by the notoriety of the Shiba Inu “Doge” visit, before long turned into a reality and turned into a reality, and with the wide appropriation of the youthful populace on the web. has become a digital money.

Dogecoin Mining 2021

What is Dogecoin? What is the meaning of the Dogecoin name and what are the reasons for its rise?

Dogecoin uses Scrypt for proof of work (POW) like Litecoin, and the block timing is set to 1 minute. It is also noteworthy that the difficulty level is recalculated by the network in 4 minutes and the amount of Dogecoin that can be mined is unlimited, so it is not deflationary like Bitcoin.

Another striking feature of Dogecoin, and perhaps one of the underlying reasons for its rapid adoption by masses, is that it is set to allow very rapid coin generation, especially in the early periods. Thus, and because a Dogecoin is currently rated as one-fifth of a US dollar in the market, people have been able to send 10 thousand to 20 thousand Dogs to each other and “spend” small amounts. Symbolic money, as if it were large sums, especially when it first appeared. sometimes.

Of course, it’s worth noting that at that time (and still is) most of the use of Dogecoin was for the purpose of making gestures / jokes to each other on the internet. However, this has been an advantage rather than a disadvantage. You ask why? The answer to this question is actually quite simple.

Dogecoin Wallet

Technically speaking, using Dogecoin is not a hassle or convenience, different from using Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. In other words, a person who has managed to use Dogecoin can easily use other coins. Considering that the reason most people are still far from cryptocurrencies is that they do not yet fully understand how they work and how they are used, Dogecoin has served as a serious stepping stone in this sense.

A cryptocurrency wallet is an application that allows cryptocurrency users to store and retrieve their digital assets. As with traditional currencies, you don’t need a wallet to store your money.

Dogecoin Payment Processing

Dogecoin Analysis 2021

Think about it, someone who likes a post on the internet, for example on a platform like Reddit, is sending you 2020 Dogecoin. (Maybe not even $ 1 when it first came out) If you’re not interested, you’re probably wondering how to download a Dogecoin Client first and then open a wallet, securely transfer your money from one place to another. send them to others and it’s a matter of learning for me. not even. As you can see, it will take days to read and research about cryptocurrencies in hours, effortlessly learning with virtually no expense and risk, even with fun.

This Altcoin Rises On The False Elon Musk Alert:

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk made a statement about a song after sharing a few different tweets about Dogecoin. People thought that his tweet was about a cryptocurrency, not a song. As a result, there was an almost 40% increase in the price of that altcoin.

“Sandstorm is a masterpiece,” Elon Musk said at noon. shared a tweet in the form. Darude signed this song can be heard on many memes on social media. In addition to this song, it is possible to come across separate memes with the “sandstorm” theme on social media.

Elon Musk’s sharing of such a tweet without any context triggered the cryptocurrency market. Seeing that Musk was talking about “Sand” in his tweet, investors flocked to a cryptocurrency called SAND.

musk doge
Elon Musk Tweeted, Dogecoin Rises 80 Percent!

SAND is ranked 223rd among the largest coins with a market value of $ 70 million. This coin was trading at $ 0.093 until noon. Elon Musk’s tweet appraised him almost 40% of the time and took him up to $ 0.129.

Dogecoin Founder: ‘Still Harassed’

Billy Markus, one of the founders of the Dogecoin (DOGE) project, shared a message after week-long developments. Stating that he sold all of the DOGE coins in 2015, Markus said that he is still “harassed” today.

Dogecoin (DOGE) went from $ 0.0085 to $ 0.070 after improvements in Robinhood increased eightfold. Billy Markus, one of the founders of DOGE, broke his silence.

According to Markus, the chart drawn by DOGE this week has resulted in some “making millions of dollars”. Starting to receive a lot of messages from people after the developments, Markus said about his relationship with Dogecoin:

“When my friends were fired in 2015, I sold all my DOGEs. I made enough money to buy myself a Honda Civic. I left Dogecoin seven years before the harassment by the cryptocurrency community. These harassments started again. … I’m not trying to make myself miserable, my financial situation is good. But people expect me to do something in a project that I no longer have contact with. I’m telling you to understand me. “

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