What is ECOMI? Who is the Founder of ECOMI?

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Singapore-based ECOMI aims to secure cryptocurrencies and NFTs. He states that he wants to offer secure trading opportunities for NFTs from a single place with the VeVe application he offers. In app-based VeVe, users can buy and sell NFTs, create virtual galleries and collections, or hold exhibitions. Wanting to lead the way in digital asset security, ECOMI has introduced the Secure Wallet cryptocurrency wallet.

It is stated that Secure Wallet supports more than 1000 cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The product used as a hardware wallet is in the size of a credit card and can be viewed with the mobile application. Staking is done in ECOMI. While staking users earn an OMI token award, liquidity is provided to the platform. OMI tokens are used for trading on the platform.

What is ECOMI (OMI)?

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ECOMI is a Singapore-based technology company operating in the digitalizable collection space. The company has developed a blockchain-based digital collectibles marketplace called VeVe for users to purchase and share their collections via the social networking service.

ECOMI has two different builds: the old ECOMI Collect ecosystem (later renamed VeVe) and the ECOMI Secure Storage Wallet. The VeVe platform includes an augmented reality showroom, a social data feed resource, and the VeVe Store, a second-hand marketplace.

The VeVe platform works with brands including Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, Ghostbuster, NFL and MLB.

If the OMI token is; a utility token that users use as a medium of exchange when buying, selling or exchanging their digital collections on the VeVe platform. OMI also offers immutable ownership to digital collections.

Who is the Founder of ECOMI?

David Yu is the CEO of the ECOMI project. Founding his first firm in 1996, Yu has since launched several businesses in the licensing and retail industry. Daniel Crothers and Joseph Janik are the other two founding partners of ECOMI.

ECOMI allows users to buy and sell digital collectibles and showcase their assets on VeVe’s social media platform. VeVe also has partnerships with well-known licensed brands in the traditional collector’s market, including many DC Comics characters such as Batman and Wonder Woman.

VeVe allows users to create virtual exhibition halls to share their collections. Users from all over the world can both access these collections on their phones and physically walk around in virtual environments with augmented reality technology. Thanks to the augmented reality feature of the VeVe platform, the user can see that the collections are placed in the environment.

How Many ECOMI (OMI) Coins Are in Circulation?

The OMI token was first offered for an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on Bitforex, with a maximum funding limit of 1,500 BTC, as part of a private and pre-sale round. 1 OMI was equal to 1 Satoshi at each stage of the fundraising process.

The total supply of OMI token is 750 billion. 20 percent of the total supply was in circulation at the time of OMI sales, equivalent to 150 billion OMI.

According to the VeVe token economy system, about 40 percent (or 300 billion OMI) is held as in-app reserves.

OMI token has GO20 standard. So GoChain is built on the blockchain. GoChain; A scalable decentralized blockchain that supports smart contract and decentralized applications (DApp). GoChain is also fully backward compatible with the Ethereum blockchain network.

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