What is Holo Coin, how long has it been? How much was the Holo Chain (HOT) price?

The demand for cryptocurrencies has been increasing lately. While the most known among crypto currencies is cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium, it continues to be the subject of research by citizens who follow the crypto money market in the acceleration in altcoins. Research on the Holo Chain, which has attracted attention with the momentum it has caught in the last 24 hours, continues. So how long has HOT been?

The question of how long the holo coin is still remains the subject of research. Holo Chain (HOT) price has hit record levels in the last 24 hours. Research on the all-time record Holo Chain (HOT) continues to be the subject of research. Holo Coin, which increased 48% in the last 24 hours, reached the level of $ 0.02674. Here is the latest situation in Holo Chain prices?


The Holo Chain price has surged 48% to $ 0.02674 in the last 24 hours. The Holo Chain price has gained a massive upward momentum, up 890% in the last 30 days. Holo Chain is currently trading at 0.2096.


Holochain Nedir Kripto Paralar

Holochain is called data integrity protocol for applications that use Distributed Hash Table (DHT) that gives each participant its own “chain”. Holochain cannot be considered as a blockchain, except for the meaning of “chain” in its name.

Using the motto “Beyond the Blocks” or “Beyond the Blocks”, Holochain indicates that the network put forward in this way is different from blockchain. Sharing information with Distributed Hash Table is similar to using Torrent. Holochain’s work goes back to 2008. The founders of the Metacurrency.org site developed their ideas and laid out the Holochain network.

Until the Holochain system is operational, it is the crypto money produced on the ERC-20 base to promote the project and generate funds. Holo Token was launched in 2018 through the ICO study. In the planning, when the Holochain network was active, users would have made a 1: 1 Holo Fuel swap for the Holo Token they hold, and only Holo Fuel would be traded in the markets; but according to the official statement made by Holochain; It was decided to make changes in the swap transaction.

Holo Challenges The Cryptocurrency Market Trend! HOT Coin Sets Record Again!

Holochain (HOT) price has witnessed an incredible bull run as of March 13. HOT price started an aggressive upward movement since then. HOT climbed close to 1000% from the current level of $ 0.028 on March 13, from the level of $ 0.0028. HOT recorded spikes that analysts also could not have predicted.

The fire of the Holo price was fueled by the official patenting of its Blockchain network in the US. We can define Holochain, which stands out with its structure that differs from other Blockchain networks, as a decentralized application platform that uses a peer-to-peer network to process consensus mechanisms. In addition, HOT is among the crypto currencies that attract great attention in our country. HOT is traded as the 28th largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization approaching $ 5 billion.

According to the 4-hour chart data, HOT is maintaining its uptrend. The RSI is trading just below the overrun buy zone. The MACD line supports the bull run. While the technical indicators remain bullish in the short term, analysts cannot make any predictions for HOT. Experts waiting for a price correction after the rise in the HOT price indicate that the price is overheating. Despite this, HOT turns the charts and resistance points upside down. HOT creates strong scenarios in the long term with its different network structure and intense investor interest. The Holochain team will hold a meeting in the near future. Accordingly, possible updates of Holochain will be discussed. With the positive period of this period and the subsequent adoption, HOT price may continue to its records.