What is Instagram Private Message Box Feature? How to Access Secret Messages

This section is called “Instagram Direct”. If you have a hidden message, you will see a blue notification showing message requests in this area. This actually shows the number of messages in the hidden message box. Tap the notification and you will be taken to the hidden message box.

What is Instagram Private Message Box Feature?

Instagram, which has more than a billion users worldwide, continues to make various updates and studies to ensure the maximum level of security of these users. In this context, innovations are constantly being uploaded to Instagram communication tools. Private messaging options, also known as Direct Message, are some of the basic tools with extra privacy and security options.

Instagram has put in place an advanced filtering system, assuming that users may not want to receive direct messages from any other user. Messages that pass this filtering process appear directly in the message box, while those that fail are accumulated in the confidential message box. If you are wondering what is the Instagram secret message box feature and want to do the process of accessing Instagram secret messages, our content can be useful for you!

What is Instagram Private Message Box Feature How to Access Secret Messages

What is Instagram Hidden Message Box Feature?

The Instagram private message box is not an archive created directly by the Instagram user. While each individual makes privacy and security settings on their Instagram account, they also record their preference regarding who can send private messages to them. Many Instagram users want to receive private messages only from those they follow, in order to be protected from malicious accounts. In this context, Instagram sends private messages from people that the user follows directly into the visible inbox. Messages from people that the user does not follow are sent to the hidden messages box of Instagram.

Basically what does this app provide? First of all, when you open the messages in this message box, the notification that you see does not go to the other person. By preventing this notification from going away, you can delete direct messages or block the sender. This prevents the malicious person in front of you from bothering you further by trying to seize any opportunity. Especially female users frequently use this feature against cyber harassment.

Is Instagram Private Message Box Helpful?

Instagram aims to keep users safe through a private message box. Thanks to the Instagram secret message box, only the people you want can send you messages, chat with you or send photos. In this way, you will have a great filter to protect against malicious people on different platforms. This feature, developed by Instagram, works actively when you receive inappropriate photo or video messages. This way, you can delete malicious videos or photos immediately and feel safer without having to view them.

What did the official merger of Messenger and Instagram Posts bring?

In the past years, we have conveyed to you that Facebook will combine Facebook, Messenger and Instagram applications with its new application called Facebook Business Suite designed for SMEs. Let us remind you that the company started testing the merger of Instagram and Messenger last month.

Facebook announced today that it has merged Instagram and Messenger messages with a blog post it shared today.With the new update, the Instagram DM symbol will turn into a Messenger icon, while Instagram users will also manage Messenger messages on Instagram. Let’s say that the company has added 10 new features to its messaging application.

The application offers a fun experience to the users with its new design features. As part of the new features, you will be able to add background colors to your chat and add your favorite emojis to shortcuts.

In addition, with “Vanish mode”, you can ensure that messages are deleted from the screen after they are seen or after you close the chat.

With Selfie Stickers, it is also possible to create and share boomerang style stickers. In addition to these, you can add different visual effects to the messages you send with animative message effects.

You will be able to keep in touch with your connections on both platforms without encountering any problems during the transition between applications. Let’s say you can easily contact your friends on Instagram and Messenger for both texting and video calling.

You will even be able to watch your favorite TV series, movies, video content on Facebook Watch and IGTV with your friends during video calls via Messenger and Instagram messages. It is worth noting that Reels will be included in this list in the near future.

Messaging restrictions and security

Messenger VP Stan Chudnovsky, who was a guest at TechCrunch Disrupt 2020 last year, explained the sharing restriction and verification features on the platform. The company, which spread the share restriction on Messenger at the beginning of September, fully released this new feature with the latest update.

However, just like WhatsApp, Messenger, which offers the ability to directly reply to messages, allows you to determine who can send you a message. Within the scope of this feature, you can give the authority to send you direct messages to the users you want or you can specify the people you do not want to reach you.

Finally, let’s say that you can report an entire conversation or a single message in Instagram and messenger chats. Proactive suggestions on blocking are also provided after the complaint. New features in Instagram and Messenger are currently open to a small number of countries; will be available to all users soon. It seems that Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to gather messaging applications under one roof continues to work perfectly.