What is Microsoft Onedrive? How to Use Microsoft Ondrive, Is It Paid?

OneDrive is an online file storage and sharing service from Microsoft. Using their browser, users can send files to OneDrive accounts, where they can connect with their Microsoft Account and from anywhere with internet access.

In these periods of increasing use of computers and internet, keeping and protecting documents are among the features sought. People want to securely archive their documents and documents and access them whenever they want. In this context, what are the storage platforms available to people? Is OneDrive one of those storage spaces? By which operator is this platform offered to users? Is it a paid and always available platform? Here are the details.

What is OneDrive, What Does It Do? How to Use Microsoft OneDrive, Is It Paid?


OneDrive, one of the storage units, draws attention as a storage platform developed by Microsoft and offered to its users. It also makes this storage more attractive as it does the online file.

It is a platform implemented by Microsoft that provides storage and archiving to its users. In this context, this platform, which attracts its users, is one step ahead with its online use. OneDrive accounts that can be used with Microsoft accounts can be logged in using all types of browsers. In this context, it is possible to access this platform from search engines such as chrome, safari, explorer, mozila and opera.

This platform can be accessed directly using desktop mode or used by downloading apps from mobile and tablet using Play Store or iTunes. Portable devices are mostly used to store photos and videos and free up internal memory, and other documents can also be stored.

How to Use Microsoft OneDrive, Is It Paid?

No membership other than OneDrive user is required to access these files, which are available to all users. It is offered free of charge in 5 GB and 15 GB packages. Anyone who wishes can use this platform, where all files are stored online and are securely stored in the name of personal storage. Thanks to this program, it is possible to free up internal and external memories.