What is Microsoft Visual Studio? What does Microsoft Visual Studio do?

What is Microsoft Visual Studio and what does it do? If you want to enter the world of Visual Studio, we have prepared a guide with the basics for you.

You may have heard the name of this program, which has a lot of uses, but we discussed aspects of the work that are not known to those who are not in the kitchen. We have transferred the information about which functions can be used for the user by keeping the basic features of the program. What is the Microsoft Visual Studio program and what does it do?

Developed by Windows and has a solid place in the industry, this program has been serving its users in different versions for years. We offer you the features that have made the program so useful in the sector for years, along with the main lines.

What is Microsoft Visual Studio What does Microsoft Visual Studio do

What is Microsoft Visual Studio?

Microsoft Visual Studio is an IDE for Windows, an integrated development environment. Visual Studio is a useful program for writing managed code for all platforms supported by Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, .NET Framework, .NET Compact Framework and Microsoft Silverlight, as well as native code and code for websites, web applications, and web services. .

The reason that makes this program so special and the reason why it is preferred for users is that it offers its users various features such as code editor, debugger, GUI design tool and database schema design option, revision control system.

There is also both a free “community” and a paid “commercial” version of Microsoft Visual Studio. The fact that it is free is also an important factor for users to easily access this environment. Although the history of this program, which has taken part in some or all of the lives of those who are in the kitchen of software businesses, dates back to 1995, the current version was presented to users by its producer Windows in 2019.

What does the Microsoft Visual Studio program provide to its users?

What is Microsoft Visual Studio What does Microsoft Visual Studio do

Microsoft Visual Studio, an integrated development environment (IDE), provides users with 3 types of services; SVsSolution provides the ability to enumerate projects and solutions; SVsUIShell provides windowing and UI functionality, while SVsShell, the last feature, deals with VSPackages registration. The architecture of the program was created in this way.

Support has been added for programming languages ​​using a VSPackage called Language Services. The language service defines various interfaces so that VSPackage applications can add support for various functions.

Functions added as mentioned; Syntax coloring, statement completion, parenthesis, matching, parameter information, member lists and background compilation and error marks.

Microsoft Visual Studio does not include any built-in source control support but offers a two-option way to source control systems to integrate with the IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Source Control VSPackage can provide its own customized user interface.

In contrast, a source control plugin using MSSCCI (Microsoft Source Code Control Interface) with a standard Visual Studio user interface provides a set of functions used to implement various source control functionality. This option may mean a plus point for us users to be written to Microsoft’s point.

What are the main features of Microsoft Visual Studio?

Effective editing and debugging (Debugger):

With IntelliSense, which is a smart code completion based on various types and functional definitions, you can increase productivity and can easily navigate through large codebases with features such as “Go To Definition”, “Find All Applications”, although it is good for the ease of editing breakpoints, full call stack and interactive Debugging code from the editor is extremely simple, as it uses a console.

Support for hundreds of programming languages:

Visual Studio Code supports all major programming languages. Common web-based languages ​​such as JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, and HTML, and rich extensions from the Visual Studio marketplace provide complete, lint implementation, debug, and refactoring support for hundreds of other programming languages. By supporting many programming languages, it directly protects all the functionality you have just read.


Visual Studio applications provide a number of visual design tools to help users improve and assist their interfaces. These tools are; Windows Form Designer (Windows Form Designer), WPF Designer (WPF Designer), Web Designer / Developer (Web Designer / Development), Class Designer, Data Designer, Mapping Designer.


Visual Studio allows its users to write their code with Visual Studio extensions to increase the functionality of the program. These extensions “plug into” Visual Studio and aim to extend its functionality. These extensions; We can see it in the form of macros, plugins, and packages.

Macros represent repeatable tasks and operations for developers to record programmatically for recording, replay, and distribution, but macros cannot use new commands and create tool windows. Plugins provide access to the Visual Studio object model and are used to interact with IDE tools.

What are the products supported by Microsoft Visual Studio program?

Visual Studio; It supports .NET base. It allows both programming languages ​​and codes to be compiled and interpreted, and to create an executable file, and to produce projects using high-level technologies such as ASP.NET. In this context, Microsoft Visual Studio allows its users to produce projects in the following languages;

  •  Microsoft Visual C++
  •  Microsoft Visual C#
  •  Microsoft Visual Basic
  •  Microsoft Visual Web Geliştirici (Microsoft Visual Web Designer)
  •  Team Foundation Server 
  •  C, 
  •  C++
  •  C++.NET,
  •  Visual Basic.NET
  •  JavaScript
  •  TypeScript
  •  CSS 
  •  HTML

In addition to this information we have compiled for you; You can learn programming languages ​​from Visual Studio Cookbook, Murach’s ASP.NET Core MVC, Programming with Visual Studio from foreign instructors, Visual Studio and ASP.NET, C ++, Fortran, Python, C # and more programming languages ​​with different integrations.

Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2020:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2020 version is not yet available. However, you can download the latest version of Visual Studio 2019 from the official website here.