What is Mithril Coin? How to Get MITH Token?

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What is Mithril (MITH)? Mithril coin is a blockchain project that aims to create a decentralized social media platform where creators can generate income. In this article, we have compiled the answers to questions such as what is Mithril coin, how does it work, how to get MITH coin, where is it listed.

The largest exchanges currently trading with Mithril are Binance, OKX, DigiFinex, Hotcoin Global and . You can find other exchanges that make listings.

Mithril (MITH) is a decentralized social media platform on the Ethereum Blockchain that rewards users for creating content. The team plans to partner with existing social platforms to drive adoption of the ERC-20 MITH token, which reportedly can be integrated with any social media platform. In addition to storing money, the Mithril Vault wallet can be used to deposit and exchange funds for other currencies.

What is Mithril coin? How does MITH work?

What is Mithril Coin How to Get MITH Token

Mithril coin is a blockchain project that aims to create a decentralized social media platform that rewards creators. The project, which started its journey on the Ethereum blockchain in 2018, was moved to Binance Smart Chain in 2019. The useful token of the platform is the MITH token. At the time of writing, the project had a market capitalization of $34.4 million.

The project, supported by blockchain technology, ensures the security and privacy of users with decentralized data storage technology. The project aims to be the best integrated blockchain to social media platforms. That’s why Mithril’s features are designed to be compatible with giant social media platforms. The platform has developed the Mithril Integration Protocol to allow this integration.

Users earn MITH tokens through what Mithril calls “social mining”. As users create or interact with content on the network, the algorithm automatically mines Mithril Coins. The concept of “social mining” refers to this. One of the most important services of the project is the Lit application. Lit is a social media application that can be installed on phones with IOS and Android operating systems. Users who share stories, posts and comments on Lit are rewarded with MITH tokens.

What is MITH token? What is it used for?

MITH token is a token that works as Mithril’s native cryptocurrency. Users can get MITH tokens by joining the project’s partner networks. In addition, users can earn MITH tokens by creating collaborative applications and various content on the Lit network and interacting with other users. MITH is an expendable asset in applications partnered with the project. The wallet of the platform is Mithril Vault. MITH has a structure that can be stored and synchronized on all platforms. Cryptocurrency can be exchanged for ETH and other cryptocurrencies.

How to get Mithril coin (MITH)?

Users who want to buy Mithril coin must first find a crypto exchange where the coin is listed. Crypto exchanges such as Binance, Gate.io or OKEx list MITH tokens. Users who subscribe to one of these exchanges and load funds into their wallets can purchase the asset.