What is Selfkey? How to Get KEY Coins?

What is a Selfkey? Selfkey is a blockchain project that enables organizations to effectively manage identity data. In this article, you can find answers to frequently asked questions such as what is Selfkey (KEY), what it offers, how and where to buy KEY coin, what are its advantages and disadvantages.

The largest exchanges currently trading with SelfKey are Binance, CoinTiger, BingX, Biconomy Exchange, and . You can find other exchanges that make listings.

SelfKey is a blockchain-based personality stage. The innovation gives people, organizations, trades, fintech new businesses, and banks – with a stage to oversee personality information (regularly KYC).

The center group has dealt with decentralized character starting around 2014 across organizations, for example, Standard Chartered Bank, Bitmax trade, EQIBank, and GSR.

The SelfKey wallet (SelfKey.org/selfkey-wallet) is a free, open-source, non-custodial wallet that permits clients to safely store and send both computerized resources, and their advanced character. Clients can collaborate in the SelfKey commercial center – to ‘a single tick’ apply for items, for example, a genuine ledger or organization fuse and pay with KEY.

A conventional KYC process is expensive, and customarily perilous – as information is put away in incorporated data sets. SelfKey use a decentralized methodology and cryptographic innovations with the objective of emphatically bring down the expense, work on the security, and client experience of a personality connection.

SelfKey expects to upset the KYC on-boarding process and stay consistent with the ethos of Self Sovereign Identity – that every individual ought to have the option to possess and control their personality.

What is Selfkey?

What is Selfkey How to Get KEY Coins

Identity theft is a growing problem worldwide. Selfkey (KEY) is a decentralized identity management platform that gives individuals and organizations full control over their identity data. The platform works as a self-managed identity system. The project allows each person to manage their own data. Additionally, users can use Selfkey to securely manage and move a crypto portfolio. Banks, investors, companies and exchanges can securely store their assets through the platform. Identity data may be stored by the data subject. The platform has 3 main services.

It consists of identity wallet, market and ecosystem. The wallet gives users the ability to securely access documents and identity assets as well as authenticate them. With the Identity Wallet, users can also manage their cryptocurrency portfolios, including sending or receiving KEY, ETH, and other ERC-20 tokens. The marketplace allows users to access and compare a range of finance and cryptocurrency related services. With the Selfkey Ecosystem, identity holders can regain and maintain control of their data. At the time of writing, the project was ranked 590th on the overall list with a market capitalization of $39.3 million.

What is KEY coin? What is it used for?

KEY coin is the governance token of the Selfkey ecosystem and powers the platform. The token allows participants to exchange values. Users can stake KEY coin to access the network, purchase services, notarize their identity documents. In addition, Users can purchase services and products such as residences, companies, bank accounts and clearing accounts with the KEY token. The maximum supply of the token is capped at 6 billion units. At the time of writing, 5.10 billion KEY coins were in circulation.

What is Selfkey How to Get KEY Coins

What are the advantages?

KEY coin has an accessible structure. Many major crypto exchanges list the token. Due to liquidity differences, the KEY price may be low in one exchange and quite high in another. This provides the opportunity to make a profit by buying from the stock market where the price is low and selling it on the stock market with a high price. KEY is a stakeable token. Users can lock their KEY assets for a certain maturity and earn additional income at maturity.

What are the disadvantages?

The KEY coin price is quite low compared to popular altcoins. At the time of writing, a KEY token was trading at $0.00771.

What is Selfkey? How to get KEY coin?

Investors interested in Selfkey (KEY) must first become a member of an exchange where the token is listed. These exchanges include KuCoin, Binance, CoinDCX, Probit Exchange, Giottus, Crex24, Hotbit, FitBTC, Hotbit, ExMarkets, and Serenity. Users who are members can buy KEY coins by loading money into their wallets.

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