What is Swash Coin?

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What does Swash Coin mean, what is its project? We have prepared the following for you who are curious about Swash Token.

Swash token, which is the first in the world and has a large data union, has attracted attention. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are looking for answers to questions such as what does Swash coin mean and what does it do, while researching for the swash token. Here are all the details about the swash coin.

Swash is a tool and service industry that collects data entered by individuals, businesses and developers in a pool, ensuring the security of this data, while increasing its value and monetizing it. Swash makes unbiased and high-quality data accessible to corporate companies in a sustainable way. Swash, the native token of the system, is also used as a payment tool. While users play a decisive role in making important decisions by voting on the Swash Token, it is also a tool used by users in data trading.

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Aiming to demolish the Data Cartel, Swash provides a more privileged position by purging the data from the negative opportunities offered by intermediaries with its low cost and high quality principle, making the data more suitable in terms of transparency, privacy and sustainability. With Swash, companies protect the privacy of individuals and provide access to rich data content at affordable prices.

Swash token database

  • Data Union Data Unions provide power over data while getting a share of the profits generated. Swash is the largest data association in the world. It protects data rights by emphasizing the importance of individuals’ role as value providers in the system.
  • slntelligence, with its web-based platform, enables Swash to gain unrivaled insights for enterprise companies.
  • Developers who want to include SApps and applications in the system develop Swash applications and include them in the next generation database.
  • sCompute calculates Swash data without purchasing the data. Data is not sold or relocated while remaining confidential. Algorithms settle on Swash data by paying only for calculated results.

What number of Swash (SWASH) Coins Are There in Circulation?

The Swash esteem chain is fueled by its local token (SWASH). SWASH has an assortment of purpose cases inside the environment and will be utilized as a cross-chain utility and administration token incorporating Ethereum, xDai, and Polygon. It will likewise be melded with a group of stars of accomplices and their local monetary standards, taking into consideration cross-preparation of significant worth, expanded reception, and a consistent client experience.

As interest for SWASH will increment close by network reception, created worth might be utilized to adjust the symbolic stockpile, reasonable through periodical token ‘consuming’.

When the Swash extension is live, use cases for the Swash token will include:

  • Boost: As a motivator framework, biological system entertainers will be compensated with Swash tokens as a trade-off for their investment.
  • Execute: All information exchanges across all commercial centers, stages, and applications will be conveyed in SWASH. This incorporates esteem created inside the business insight and investigation stage (sIntelligence), the information calculation climate (sCompute), and arrangements created using Swash innovation (sApps).
  • Oversee: Swash token holders can decide in favor of ventures they wish to see get subsidizing from the Swash DAO store, settle on new guide advancements or alterations, and to participate in token-related choices.
  • Duplicate: People can separately and all in all contribute the worth of their information to social improvement causes and use it for esteem trade both inside and outside the Swash universe, like recovering income for items or marking liquidity.

SWASH is the network’s native utility token with a total supply of 1 billion. The token allocation is as follows:

  • Community & Platform Rewards (14%)
  • Ecosystem & DAO Growth (14%)
  • Foundation (15%)
  • Team and Advisors (15%)
  • Founders (15%)
  • Pre-seed round (9%)
  • Seed round (3%)
  • Strategic round (5%)
  • Pre-sale round (5%)
  • Public sale (5%)
  • Liquidty provision (5%)

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