What is the Ainu icon? Ainu Token on the rise

Written By Eleman

In short, the idea behind AINU is to build a community to help other people while investing. So, what is the Ainu token? What does the ainu token mean?


In short, the idea behind AINU is to create a community that will help other people while investing.

AINU Token is a BEP20 token launched on Binance Smart Chain. It is an automatic liquidity provisioning protocol. It is the result of a community-driven creation idea.

Holders earn passive rewards (5% of each tx) and can rest and watch their AINU balance grow indefinitely. Every transaction contributes to automatic liquidity generation locked within PancakeSwap. Dead wallet receives static rewards, so some AINUs are burned on every transaction.


Announced as LAS Token, 25 percent of the supply will be sent to everyone free of charge. Expressing that 50 percent of the tokens were sent to CZ and 25 percent of them were locked and their keys were burned, Alaska Inu Token developers announced that people with BEP20 Tokens can benefit from this ownership. Here is what is AINU TOKEN, what does it do? Here are all the details…

Alaska Inu is a 100% decentralized community experiment. He claims that 50% of the tokens are sent to CZ, 25% of the tokens are locked in the Pancakeswap pool and keys are burned and the remaining 25% are generated by transactions on Binance.


A token is a small metal or plastic object used in place of money in tolls, telephone and other games. They are used instead of coins. Unlike coins, coins can be minted by the government and used to purchase any kind of product, while tokens have a more limited use and are mostly distributed by a company, group, association or individual.

In the past, its use has changed according to the inflation in the countries. In countries with stable currency, coins are generally used for payphones, whereas in places where the value of money is unstable, tokens are preferred for public phones. The use of tokens has also been common in metro systems. With the development of technology, magnetic or smart cards have replaced the token in many places.

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