What is TikTok Shoutouts? Make Money With TikTok Shoutouts 2021

Tiktok now has a feature where you can earn money more easily. With TikTok Shoutouts, it will now be easier for you to earn money.

A new update came to the Tiktok app recently. With this update, a new feature has been added that can be used by accounts with high followers. Thanks to TikTok shouts, it is aimed to strengthen the communication of both followers and large accounts.

With this new feature called TikTok Shoutouts, you can now communicate with a phenomenon you love and follow for a certain fee and have the video you want to be shot. In this article, we will answer the questions of what Tiktok Shoutouts is and how to use it.

What is TikTok Shoutouts?

What is TikTok Shoutouts Make Money With TikTok Shoutouts 2021

Simply put, the Tiktok Shoutouts feature is a new feature that allows a regular follower to communicate with an outstanding account. The follower can have a special video prepared for him for a certain fee.

For example, if a relative has a birthday and this relative closely follows a Tiktok phenomenon, you can have this phenomenon prepare a birthday celebration video for a certain fee. At the end of this work, both you will be given a nice gift and the other party will earn money from this work.

It’s worth noting that it’s still under development as it’s a new feature. Therefore, some problems may be encountered in the first attempts. It is stated that the whole system will settle in time and can be used freely by anyone.

How TikTok Shoutouts Work

Tiktok shouts feature is very easy to use for both parties. The working logic of the system can be summarized simply as follows:

  • The person writes the details of the content they want and makes the payment to the content producer.
  • The creator has 3 days to fulfill this request. They can stop doing this if they want, and the person will be refunded.
  • If the creator prepares the video, Tiktok will review the description and the suitability of the video within 1 week.
  • If approved, the video content will be sent to the person as a message at the end of 1 week at the latest.

Inappropriate and irrelevant content will not be approved by the content producer and then Tiktok management, as can be expected. Remember that requests other than normal ones will get you in trouble. In addition, if you are a content producer, sending ready-made videos for incoming requests or not sending videos that comply with the description may result in deprivation of your authority and ban from the Tiktok platform. Therefore, you should use the shouting feature for its intended purpose.

What is TikTok Shoutouts Make Money With TikTok Shoutouts 2021

Making Money With TikTok Shoutouts

If you have a high following account, you can start using the new Shoutouts feature from the content manager tools. In addition to live broadcasts, you can earn a lot of income with the Shoutouts system.

Therefore, do not forget to activate and try this feature in your account as soon as possible. However, if you have an average or low follower count, this feature is currently not available for you. Although it is stated that the Shoutouts feature will be active for all users in a short time, only phenomenal accounts can use it for now.

A quality audience on Tiktok can provide you with additional income. With Tiktok’s Shoutouts feature, the way to earn money will become easier thanks to the new extra features that will come. It is certain that making money by sharing content on social media will become easier in the new world.

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