What is UnFederalReserve (eRSLD) coin?

UnFederalReserve (eRSLD) is a platform that promises to solve the problems of the traditional system in lending and borrowing. The eRSLD token is the native token of the system.

On behalf of financial companies that provide traditional B2B (Business to Business) loans, it has taken centuries to price the loaned product and establish a proper, low-cost system. The fact that interest rates remain flat or fall, especially in the last 20 years, has considerably reduced the income ratio for lenders. In addition to all these, the regulations, taxes and commissions brought by the states have increased the cost of lending considerably.

What is UnFederalReserve eRSLD coin

UnFederalReserve (eRSLD) offers a solution to all these problems.

eRSDL stands as a safe investment

UnFederalReserve (eRSLD) promises to solve the problems posed by the traditional system of lending and obtaining loans.

Lenders and borrowers enter the appropriate platform on the blockchain.

Specialized lenders in the sector prevent incorrect pricing. Inexperienced lenders are prevented from incurring losses.

Pricing Oracles “Loan Pricing Oracle Protocol” recommends favorable interest rates to lenders. Oracle uses real-time market rates. It determines the interest rates suitable for the market conditions for the lender and the borrower.

After the interest rate is determined, “Lending Protocols” lending protocols are activated. The protocol performs fiat or crypto money transfer in the amount and interest rates agreed between the parties.

After the money transfer takes place, “Loan Servicing Protocols”, credit service protocols are activated. The borrower can solve the problems through the protocol.

Cryptocurrency twitter phenomenon “Shelby” is also among those who recommend the ersdl token.

How does UnFederalReserve (ERSLD) work?

What is UnFederalReserve eRSLD coin
  • Download UnFederalReserve’s Treasury money management dashboard
  • Activate the Maker/Taker service by holding enough eRSDL.
  • Middle-class investors who meet KYC/AML requirements can gain access to the lending market.
  • You can follow the current position, graphics and different data on the Dashboard.
  • Our marketplace uses an auction-rate bond interface for borrowers. Vanilla deposit feature is offered for lenders.
  • Accounting, finance and tax reporting integration is provided with existing systems.

ERSLD Coin Future

UnFederalReserve (ERSLD) coin developers also set their roadmaps.

  • the last quarter of 2020;
  • Token design that will serve as a real life treasure.
  • eRSDL token testing process
  • Start staking
  • first quarter of 2021;
  • Voting on additional participants and share level to borrow from the token community
  • Access to new lenders to add eRSDL as a source of liquidity
  • Selected CeFI entities can borrow up to 50% of their share capital and lend as much as they want.
  • the second quarter of 2021;
  • Widespread adoption of the eRSDL as a Treasury stop-gap for certain asset-backed lenders.
  • Vote for the CeFI size participant limit if needed.
  • Compliance with international lending/receiving restrictions to open cross-border opportunities.
  • the last quarter of 2021;
  • A fully decentralized platform that provides capital to those in need and income for lenders.
  • Asset class discussion on the distribution of lender asset types to improve pricing.

Who are the eRSLD founders?

UnFederalReserve (eRSDL) co-founder and CEOs Howard Kreiger and Ryan Medlin.

Howar Kreiger is one of the executives of the CBIZ Valuation Group. His specialty is cryptocurrency loans, interest rates, mortgage-backed asset assurances, and evaluation of complex financial instruments.

Ryan Medlin is one of the “Slikon Valley” entrepreneurs. It most recently sold its proximity tracking and measurement company Datasnap to Neustar in 2105.

What is eRSLD coin?

It is not yet clear what the total supply of the UnFederalReserve (eRSDL) coin will be.