What is Voicethread?

VoiceThread is a common multimedia slide show that allows students to comment on text, video, and audio files related to pictures, documents, and videos. Teachers can set up groups and classes, post moderate comments, embed in blogs, and export to audio files. It is an easy way to differentiate teaching while offering engaging options for “showing” learning, participating in the conversation and thinking clearly and critically about the content. http://voicethread.com/

The use of Web 2.0 tools is changing the way educators work. As schools bring more technology to their classrooms, teachers will strive to put more technology in their students’ hands. If they are ready.

What are Voicethread Web 2.0 Tools?


Web 2.0 Tools are online software programs that allow users to do a number of different things. Curriculum can be used to teach content, store data, create / edit video, edit photos, collaborate and much more.

The question is, are educators ready to use these tools? How can educators best plan to include Web 2.0 Tools in their classroom? How can they make the best plan to ensure effective technology integration? How can they ensure that tools remain a support for teaching practice?

It is important to be able to answer these questions in order to be the educator of the 21st century and to make continuous effort. Most importantly, our students. It is essential to use Web 2.0 Tools to support education. How we use these tools will make a significant difference in how we measure the success of our students and how they are empowered to meet 21st century skill sets.

If you are new to this concept, don’t feel bad right away. The use of technology integration in our daily work beyond word processing and power point presentations is still new to many educators. However, it is important that we acknowledge that Web 2.0 tools will remain here. As an educator, the sooner we learn how to harness the wonderful power of these tools and bring learning to life in the classroom, the better.

One point I want to emphasize when talking about Web 2.0 tools is that we shouldn’t remember the specific tools we use with students, but why and when the tool was needed. Ideally, there should also be a culture in school that values ​​the use of technology in the classroom. I assure you that leadership in school must also model the use of technology, provide professional development in this area, and create a school community that effectively uses and values ​​technology for teaching.