What is WIN coin? What is the WINk project?

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The curiosity about WIN coin, which is among the cryptocurrencies that we have heard frequently recently, has increased. What is WIN coin, a cryptocurrency centered around the Tron blockchain?

The WINK project, which is among the coins whose price has increased after the interest of many investors, has the feature of being the coin that is traded at the lowest price in the USDT trading pair. WINk, which attracts attention with its increase, set out with the goal of becoming a blockchain-based gaming platform. WINk Coin, on the other hand, has many features and privileges for its investors as the cryptocurrency of this blockchain-based gaming ecosystem. Here is detailed information about WIN coin.


What is WIN coin What is the WINk project

WINk is a gaming platform that allows users to socialize and get stakes in multiple blockchain ecosystems using the WIN token as the native digital asset on the platform. Through behavioral mining innovative token economy design and other incentive mechanisms, WINk aims to create an ecosystem that provides high-quality decentralized gaming experience to enable developers to create dApps that foster true adoption and enable users to participate and contribute to the platform as active stakeholders. WIN Coin is the TRC-20 token running on TRON. The WINk platform uses WIN tokens to encourage the participation of developers and users.

WINk or WINkLink is a multiple blockchain ecosystem created for users to socialize and play games of chance. The project draws attention through its innovative token economy design and other incentive mechanisms, which it calls “behavioral mining”. The platform that enables developers to easily create dApps (decentralized applications) offers a high-quality decentralized gaming experience. WINk developers aim to create an ecosystem that encourages users to participate and contribute as active stakeholders on the platform. Thus, while users gain in the long run, it is planned to create a base audience within a certain period of time.


Auditable smart contracts: Smart contracts are auditable as the backend of the games is deployed in a smart contract that can be seen by everyone. For example, it can bring great benefits in terms of transparency in online casinos.

  • Laundering: Most games allow users to retain full custody of their funds.
  • Token rewards: Users will receive cryptocurrency tokens and other rewards for playing.
  • Events: Social features and special events will be held to engage the community.
  • Partnerships: Name-brand partnerships via TRON and BitTorrent to support DApp development and usage expansion.

No matter which altcoin exchange you use, make sure that WIN tokens are traded on the exchange before transferring your coins to that exchange. If you wish, you can take a look at the table below. Registering on exchanges is pretty easy these days. An e-mail address, phone number and identity document are sufficient to open an account on exchanges. What you need to be careful about is that you use the correct addresses when transferring your cryptocurrencies between exchanges. If you send your cryptocurrency to the wrong address, you may lose your money. When transferring cryptocurrencies between exchanges, you should also pay attention to transaction fees.

Where to Buy WIN?

We can list the exchanges and parities where WIN tokens can be bought as follows:

SWAPParitiesApproximate trading volume
PoloniexWIN/USDT WIN/TRX%0,3

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