What is WordPress Hosting, What are the Differences with Web Hosting?

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Today, the need for web and wordpress hosting packages is increasing day by day.WordPress hosting is the hosting that allows hosting the data of the website they will establish for people who want to set up a website with the use of WordPress.

Today, the need for web and wordpress hosting packages is increasing day by day. You are also welcome for Web and wordpress hosting packages. Agencies, individuals, people who want to sell products or services. In short, people?

Web and WordPress Hosting Packages


When you want to own a website, 2 separate things are needed. Domain and Hosting? After the necessary installation processes and adding the content, the website is ready. The quality of web hosting and wordpress hosting is very important in order not to be interrupted and to offer a good environment to the people who visit the site. ODEAWEB serves its customers with quality packages in such matters.

ODEAWEB is an extremely successful company that has proven itself in the industry. It will be possible to provide not only web and wordpress hosting, but also virtual server, reseller, VDS through the company.

Classic web hosting

Classic web hosting is a shared hosting service that usually has more than one website on physical servers. In this and similar environments, there are thousands of different websites operating on different platforms. Classic web hosting services also offer WordPress apps and site builder options. In addition, while offering different and various site builders, it also shares many service packages with its customers for various problems. However, it is useful to remember that; The support and service status offered by classical web hosting services cannot provide support and service in the face of problems that may arise with WordPress.

Apart from classical web hosting, wordpress hosting options also prefer to use a shared server and offer various plans and pricing in this regard. However, the difference between traditional web hosting and WordPress hosting is that your website shares a server with only WordPress installed websites. Service and support in WordPress hosting, on the other hand, aims to optimize WordPress usage performance with different solution options based on certain features in WordPress.

5 Reasons to Choose WordPress

New technologies emerging day by day encourage many companies and individuals to have a website as soon as possible. Especially from mobile applications to social platforms, the rise is rapidly increasing. WordPress is the first choice of many companies to create a quality website in the shortest way. This system, which uses advanced software language and database, offers its users the most practical ways to set up a site both quickly and easily.

WordPress is the world’s most reliable and modifiable system. In addition, it is a very easy and practical system to use, thanks to its interface that can be easily understood even by amateurs. It stands out as an important advantage in search engines, especially in SEO services. We have listed a few reasons for you to choose WordPress, which can be easily integrated into social platforms and is always useful thanks to its mobile compatibility:

1.Being a popular content manager

WordPress, the common language of all developers in the web field, is also known as the power source of many websites. The Content Management Center, which is preferred in all walks of life and whether professional or amateur, is defined as an excellent platform for content editing and publishing. Most websites that use CMS are built on WordPress.

2.Common point of large-scale companies

Although at the forefront of blogging, WordPress is much more than just a blog post. WordPress, which is the choice of the most popular brands and companies around the world, attracts a lot of attention because it is both fast and easy to manage. WordPress, which is highly preferred by commercial and official institutions; It is used in the infrastructure of news sites, official government institutions, universities and many websites.

3.Much more than a blog

WordPress may be considered by many to be used only for blogging. However, even though WordPress started out as a blogging platform, it has continued to evolve. When developers realized that this system would go far beyond blogging, they discovered that it would play a role in countless projects from building an e-commerce site to local businesses. Thanks to the WordPress system, you can both write a blog and set up an online store.

4.It provides profit

When you have WordPress skills, you can get the opportunity to work with companies that use the same system. Thanks to this advantageous system, you can work in the field of blogging, design, marketing and even become a developer. You can take a look at Natro to have detailed information about WordPress, which offers countless job opportunities.

5.Wordpress Advantage

Named the most powerful Content Management Center, Wordpress is known as both the most reliable and the most changeable system in the world. In addition, this system, which is very easy and practical to use with its interface that even amateurs can easily understand, can provide an advantage in search engines in SEO services.

Advantages of WP Hosting

How to Do WordPress Page SEO 2

Wp hosting services has offered many special services for its users. Here are the advantages of WordPress:

  • With internet technologies, pre-configurations can be made for the installation of your website.
  • You can easily and quickly perform any transfer you want to make on your website.
  • All accounts within the server can benefit from the same special site maintenance regardless.
  • You can easily protect your servers if WordPress-specific threats occur.
  • You can keep your internet servers up-to-date with security patches, updates or upgrades. At the same time, you can do this to all websites at the same time.
  • You can easily get help from the customer service representatives in WordPress. Customer service representatives are trained to provide software support. For this reason, you can easily solve your problems with customer service representatives.
  • WordPress hosting plans include and support themes, SSL certificates and various plugins. In addition, with the help of WordPress, you can easily organize your website and get it ready.

The Fastest and Easiest Managed WordPress Hosting

Wake up to happy tomorrows with WordPress Hosting, which is offered with high speed, easy administration panel and advanced tools. WordPress Hosting has four packages. These packages can be described as:

  • WordPress Starter Package: With the WordPress starter package, you can get 1 WordPress website, 10 GB SSD disk space, 25K visitors in a month, unlimited email rights and free domain name.
  • WordPress Super Starter Package: With the WordPress super starter package, you can get 1 WordPress website, 30 GB SSD disk space, 100K visitors in a month, unlimited email rights and free domain name.
  • WordPress Enterprise Package: With the WordPress enterprise package, you can get 1 WordPress website, unlimited SSD disk space, unlimited number of visitors, unlimited email rights, free lifetime SSL certificate and free domain name.
  • WordPress Professional Package: With the WordPress professional package, you can get 5 WordPress websites, unlimited SSD disk space, unlimited number of visitors, unlimited email rights, lifetime free SSL certificate and free domain name.

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