What Should We Consider When Choosing Web Hosting?

What Should We Consider When Buying Hosting? Hosting is one of the most important basic issues when setting up a website. Hosting is one of the cornerstones of your websites.

  • Hosting means hosting as the word. Hosting service systems
  • To sum it up, it is more powerful than a normal computer with a very good internet connection.
  • where various information is kept inside computers and the user can be
  • We can explain as systems that can access this information. At this stage, hosting and server
  • The difference between (server) is often confused.

Hosting literally means hosting. Web hosting, on the other hand, is the hosting of web pages on continuously working computers with high internet speed. These computers are hosted in datacenters produced with high technology in order to provide uninterrupted and fast service.

So what are we going to consider when choosing hosting?

  • OS
  • Traffic
  • Web Space
  • Database
  • Subdomain
  • E-mail
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  • Hosting is divided into two as Linux and Windows. This is what you will use
  • It will vary by platform. When choosing one of these two hosting platforms
  • The most important point to pay attention to is the coding language of your website. If your website
  • If the coding is written in .ASP and .ASPX languages, you should choose Windows hosting because Linux
  • it does not support these two languages. If PHP language is used in the coding of your website
  • You should choose Linux hosting.

If your website is written as .ASP and .ASPX, you should choose Windows hosting because Linux hosting does not support .ASP and .ASPX. If your website is written in PHP, it is necessary to choose Linux hosting. In addition, both Windows and Linux infrastructure support the .HTML extension.

What is the Web Hosting area?

Hosting space is one of the most important factors in choosing hosting. Hosting area is the width of the area where the articles, videos and pictures you will use on your website will be stored. While creating the website, it is unnecessary to take more than the space the site needs. For example: Choosing a 2 GB space for a simple corporate website of 5-6 pages will not be economically efficient. For this, it is necessary to choose a web hosting that is more suitable for the area to be covered in the web space of the site. In the future, when this area starts to not meet the needs of the website, it can continue to broadcast the site without interruption by increasing the disk space of the existing hosting package.

How Much Web Space Do You Need?

  • Web Space or Hosting Space is the text, video and images you will use on your website.
  • is the width of the area to be stored. More space you need to build your website
  • buying more is unnecessary both in terms of usage and financially.
  • It causes you to spend too much money. For example, a 5-6 page network with only text content
  • It won’t do any good to buy 3-4 Gb of space for the website. Even harm
  • it will be. If video and photo content is heavy on your website, even 3-4 Gb space
  • It won’t be enough for you. Of course
  • If you wish, you can start with 3-4 Gb and proceed according to the needs of your site.
  • You can expand the web space of your site.

Database in hosting;

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  • Database; the area where data is stored, where this data is added, deleted and updated
  • is the name given. Every time the site is opened the data on the site is pulled from the database and
  • presented to the user. Database types included in hosting packages are MySQL and
  • It is divided into two as MsSQL. MySQL database feature if your website is prepared with PHP
  • You must choose a hosting that has one. Database if your site’s software is .ASP or .ASPX
  • Your choice should be a host with MsSQL capability. MySQL database

It is easier to use than MsSQL database. Also, MySQL is more reliable and faster.

MySQL database is very fast, reliable and easy to use compared to MsSQL database. Due to its compatibility with Apache and PHP, it is the most preferred and common database option on the PHP side.

Unlike MySQL database, MsSQL database is a paid database. It generally appeals to corporate structures and e-commerce systems, as it offers more advanced functions in terms of security, design and content management compared to the MySQL database.


Domains to be created under the site’s main domain (subdomain.anadomain.com). You may need to choose the number of subdomains depending on the scope of your web project. If you are going to do different projects under your website as “blog.anadomain.com” or “forum.anadomain.com”, the number of subdomains in the hosting package you will receive should be selected to be sufficient in this context.

  • These are the domains that will be created under your site’s main domain. Your subdomain’s website
  • You should determine it according to the scope of your site. Projects such as blog or forum page
  • The number of subdomains in your hosting package is also in this context if you plan to add it to your site.
  • It should be chosen to be sufficient.

Email in hosting;

It should be noted that how many e-mail addresses can be opened in hosting packages to be purchased and a selection must be made according to!

The use of e-mail is an important consideration for many website users. It should be noted how many e-mail addresses can be opened in the hosting packages to be purchased.

Choosing hosting is an extremely important issue. It is a basic system for websites. Websites that are not built with solid foundations will compare you with the troubles I mentioned above in the future, and both negatively affect your business and cause unnecessary expenses that occur later.

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