What Should You Do To Make Money From Instagram?

When Instagram first came out, it was a photo-only network. However, after the publication of the Vine application, where 7-second videos were broadcast, it expanded its functionality and added 15-second videos to the application.

Thanks to this new feature added, those who want to make money or winners have become better markets for their businesses. In this post, we will talk about expanding your email list on Instagram, selling products, offering services, web-based seminars and promoting affiliate products.

Making Money From Instagram

First of all, start by expanding your follower list. But keep this in mind: All images and videos on your Instagram page must be compatible with your follower list. In fact, all the tips below should be compatible with your target audience.

1- Attract people using images or videos. For example, if you are going to sell e-books, share the photo of the book cover. If you are going to make training videos, share the 15-second video of it.

2- Prepare a personal message to use in your membership invitation. Make a 15-second welcome video explaining why subscribers should join your mailing list.

3- Did you get feedback from satisfied people? Ask if you can use their feedback as evidence. If they allow, prepare a visual with their feedback and names and share it on Instagram.

4- How many followers do I need to start earning money? Unfortunately, Instagram does not have a button to activate earning money like youtube. In the following article, we have discussed the subject in detail for you.

Have an idea for making money on Instagram

First of all, decide whether you will be selling physical products or digital products. For example, if you have a list of female followers, you may want to consider selling cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, and health products. Here are a few ways to promote your product on Instagram:

Pre-launch your new product using promotional images and videos, so don’t show the product completely. Show the product completely after getting enough curiosity in people. Use customized product hashtags (#), ie product tags, to increase excitement.

Prepare 15-second ads about your product. Be sure to show which parts of your product you want to highlight.

Have product testimonial videos from customers? Make a 15-second video of the best views and share it on Instagram.

Whether you are a web designer or an accountant, Instagram offers you a lot of opportunities to promote your service-based business. Here are some tips:

1- Use your portfolio, which includes the work you have done for customers, on Instagram. This could be a screenshot of a graphic design, one of your most recent wedding photos, or a satisfied customer letter.

2- Follow your target audience and review their work. A product designer can easily follow major brands and share their ideas on the most up-to-date product packaging.

3- Advertise your services. Identify a problem and create a 15-second video showing how your product solves that problem.

4- Ask people who have similar problems to share a photo about the problem using a special hastag. Turn this into a contest and give the winner 30 minutes of free advice. The winner is likely to want the service, and those who did not win will also be interested in your service.

Promote web-based seminars

Internet-based seminars are one of the best ways to sell products because their conversion rates are higher than email marketing and sales pages only. The more people participate, the better. Here are some tips for promoting webinars on Instagram:

1- Prepare a 15-second preview video for your web-based seminar.

2- Send graphics that remind you of the seminar day. At the same time, prepare graphics explaining that the seminar is live.

3- If you have received good feedback from those who attended previous seminars, collect these views visually and share them before the next seminar begins.

Making money by selling affiliate products

By using Instagram as an affiliate marketer, you can increase your affiliate sales. There are two options for the links you will share:

1- A link for comments on the affiliate product,

2- Direct affiliate links.

Show your excitement about the product you are selling. Use multiple images and videos to excite your followers.

Share images and videos showing results for certain affiliate products. People will be impressed when they see other people achieving measurable results.

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2021?

Once only a photo sharing platform, Instagram has become one of the most used social media platforms in less than 7 years. In the last 3 years alone, it has doubled its user base and reached 1 billion users. With the stories feature brought to Instagram in August 2016, its growth progressed very quickly.

What I love most about marketers is that they are committed to serving the audience. Because when you create good experiences for your expectations from the future, money comes with it.

For this, all you have to do is advertise to have a follower base and sell products to this audience. This is now one of the most popular ways to make money online.

1- Theresa Nguyen is not one of the young people you know. Theresa Nguyen shares videos of her homemade slime watched by hundreds of thousands of people on her Instagram account.

2- Since Instagram has a diverse user base, everyone has the opportunity to make money on Instagram. Let’s look at the next star on our list who is making pretty good money on Instagram: Sara Tasker.

3- If you think you need a large following to make money on Instagram, meet Jeena Farmer! Warwickshire nutritional therapist and freelance writer Jeena Farmer has just 8,668 followers.

What are the prerequisites for making money on Instagram?

Sharing photos of your daily life by writing sweet words underneath may be enough to impress your friends, but it will not help you to make money. So let’s see what it takes to make money.

1- Reach People and Inspire – Why would a brand pay an Instagram user like you?

Because they care about your audience and hope that your users will receive the products of the brand thanks to the posts you share.

Thanks to its algorithm, the posts you share on Instagram show you on the page of your followers who follow you more often. If you share your post at the right time and use the right tags, you can achieve a faster organic growth compared to other social media platforms.

2- Acquiring Loyal Followers – Obtaining more followers will surely caress your ego. Even mathematically, getting more followers increases your likelihood of appearing on the Instagram home page.

What if your posts aren’t interesting to people?

That’s when you start to feel that you have failed instead of trying to do better.

I’ve had both success and failure when I have written more than four blogs at the same time. Back then, I was showing off the number of visitors to my sites. Now I understand that it’s all about loyalty. When people visit your site, you realize that you find solutions to the problems of people around you.

If you intend to sell your products directly on Instagram, you do not need to have a large audience. For example, if you have a special talent such as photography, writing, drawing, video editing, Instagram has only played a functional role in providing your service.

In summary, how do you get a big, loyal following on Instagram?

Let’s take a quick look at how you can grow on Instagram within the framework of monetization. Here are 6 simple steps you should follow.

1- Make the biography section flashy (use your website link wisely) – Whether you are a brand or a business that wants to promote and sell your products on Instagram, or you are an ordinary person who wants to make money; Whatever the situation, you have to be strategic about the posts you post.

The biography part is a very important part in Instagram. Because people who visit your profile for the first time will look directly at this section. Therefore, keep what you write in the biography section simple and direct. For example, let’s look at the Instagram profile of Foundr Magazine.

When you look at the biography section of Foundr Magazine, there are 3 important points they wrote to their biographies:

  • They offer a FREE issue of the magazine to their followers to introduce themselves in more detail.
  • Using emojis, they draw the attention of the followers in the direction they want to draw.
  • It’s nice to include a link to their website because followers can directly access the website.

Important Tip: With your posts, you can regularly direct your followers to the link in your Instagram bio. If you put a link with bit.ly extension in your profile, you will be able to change the content in the bit.ly extension link in the background.

2- Post regularly and return to commenters – It can be said that I have good relations with my friends and family. I want to tell you a little bit about how I manage my relationships in my private life.

I regularly spend time with family and friends to explain what’s going on in my life and to listen to their thoughts on what I have said. If I do not hear from my relatives for a while, I am calling myself.

Actually, Instagram works similarly. First of all, Instagram is a social platform, in other words, an online extension of our offline human relations.

Tailwind Airlines found in an analysis of 100,000 Instagram posts for 3 months that a more effective use of social media is through more interaction. However, they noticed that high engagement also had a big impact on the number of followers.

When you look at it, Instagram accounts that did not have the success they wanted have one thing in common: they do not share every day. You have to create time to be active on Instagram. For example, you can return to those who commented on your post.

3- Use hashtags associated with what you post in your posts – Tags have been used on social media platforms since 2007 to cluster photos with similar themes. Tags also work well on Instagram. Instagram allows you to add 30 tags to each post.

I recommend using 10-15 tags for each post. Because in this way, you are reserving the space given to you for the text, not the labels. Even if you add your tags as the first comment instead of the description part of the post, Instagram can detect these tags.

4- Improve the quality of your posts – If you have bad content since Instagram stopped showing users’ posts chronologically on the news feed page, you are less likely to appear in the news feed. The competition on the platform is so great that 80% of Instagram users already follow a business or influencer account. This means that you compete with others for people’s attention.

Let’s take a look at the points you need to pay attention to if you want to attract users.

5- Stand out with video sharing – Videos offer a very rich content for visual communication. Moreover, it adds a different dimension to what you want to tell people who follow you. As you all know, 2019 has been the year of “video advertising”. 55% of video content delivered over mobile phones is under 5 minutes.

Instagram allows its users to share a maximum of 60 seconds of video. According to researches, users with the most followers regularly post video content on their Instagram. The effect of videos on followers is so visible that an average video gets 767 comments while an average photo gets 373 likes.

A Special Note to Instagram Stories

Instagram’s story feature is used by 200 million users a day. People love to share their own lives and see the lives of the people they follow. It is interesting because the stories are instantly captured and can be viewed within 24 hours of being shared as it gives users a sense of urgency.

Looking at the users who use Instagram’s story feature the most, one third of the users who share stories have a work profile.

So how does the story system work? Stories are listed like a video playlist on the user’s home page. My advice to you in this regard is to share 5 stories a day. You can share videos that can attract the attention of your followers by writing on your photos, adding stickers such as emojis and gifs.