What You Should Know Before Using Tinder

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Tinder is the right app to find you a casual link. The Tinder app changed the world of mobile dating with its simple approach and casual online dating service. Since its launch in 2012, the dating app has generated nearly 10 million matches to date.

The app gained traction due to its instant popularity and controversy over dehumanizing profiles or establishing physical appearance standards for beauty. Whatever the reason for the fame, the app is popular with a huge user base of 27 million members. Nearly 1 million premium subscribers and the app is currently available in 24 languages. The app is all about the bow or no game, if you like someone swiping right instead of left, that’s how he spoke! Want to learn more about other dating apps?

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To keep up with modern requirements, over the years Tinder has added some additional features to some left and right games. Features like Super Likes profile of other members and boost your profile as well. The everyday tone of the practice is heart and soul, if progress. If there was a crown for the best hookup app, Tinder would happily wear it and sit on the throne.

The purpose of dating apps is to meet the need of people who are looking for casual entertainment without any conditions. There are some profiles here and there that only want serious members to contact. Most members treat Tinder as a link that people can switch from typing to touching in just a few hours.

Tinder took first place in the lifestyle section, with Android and Apple virtual stores getting four stars out of 5. It’s estimated that Tinder users spend around 35 minutes per day on the app, with around 149 swipes.

If a one night stand is your cup of tea and you’re not ready to settle down, Tinder is your hero. Claims to match members based on certain criteria other than location. If you’re leaving a bar at midnight or sitting on the subway at 2 pm, Tinder is always available for service.

While people are looking for a serious relationship on the app, the app’s status says that only 13 percent of members declare they’ve found relationships in Finder that last about a month, with about 20 percent of members using the app for connection. . On the other hand, 27 percent use it to find a serious relationship, while 53 percent use it to find friends.

The app has a sex ratio of 62 percent male and approximately 38 percent female members. Eighty-five percent of the user base is between the ages of 18 and 35.


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Tinder is like an online mobile dating game where users create matches to chat. Users are presented with one profile at a time based on their sexual preferences, age requests, and location requirements. If you don’t like a profile, swipe left or the X button and if you want, swipe right on the person, not the person you’re interested in. If both parties have mutual interest, a match is established and the app provides an opportunity to talk. The swipe method is a great way to speed up the dating process. Since Tinder is famous for its focus on physical beauty, the app is considered the best for finding casual encounters and hookups.

Signing up for Tinder is quick and easy and only requires a Facebook account and some tips here and there. To sign up, you must allow the app to connect with your FB account. The app asks for permission to allow access to your location. By authorizing you agree to the terms of application.

Tinder will import the necessary information for your FB account. For example:

  • name
  • Age
  • Profile picture

The app will then auto-complete your profile with the option to duplicate it. Now, after registering, you can choose your main profile photo and up to five secondary photos of your choice. Tinder accesses a similar folder with your FB albums, such as mobile uploads or profile pictures. You can customize the gender, distance, and also age range settings. Until recently, Tinder only allowed us to upload photos from Facebook, but the app has made some changes and now allows us to upload photos from mobile phones as well.

You can turn the discovery feature on or off in your settings menu. If you’re part of Tinder Social, it allows new members to see your profile and add you to different groups. Choose a username and adjust notification settings, including new matches as well as in-app vibrations. You can write your short bio in the profile section. You can choose the work and school already listed on your Facebook profile. You can edit your gender if you want. Also, link your Instagram account so that your Instagram posts are displayed on your Tinder profile.

Tinder doesn’t bother with a specific sign-in procedure. You can stay logged in as long as you are connected to FB. Unless you log out of the account via Settings, you do not need to log in again.

If you’re logging out and want to log in to the account, tap the Login Using Facebook button and you’ll be back in the account.


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Tinder has a desktop version of the app called Tinder Online. It is suitable for people who are uncomfortable using Tinder on smartphone. Tinder Online has app-like features like searching for profiles and chatting with members you match.

The design layout of the Tinder app and Tinder Online is more medium and uncluttered. Get familiar with the app’s icons because you have limited Supers like Boost and Rewind and you don’t want them to go to waste.

The overall design of the app and web is sleek and well organized. Users of all ages can easily navigate through the features once they are familiar with the terms. The swipe method is easy to use and doesn’t need help to understand.


As mentioned above, the layout of the Tinder app is well-designed and impressive. You can also add music and pictures to your profile; It will make you more impressive and attract more matches. You can link your Instagram account, which will allow your potential date to see your activities and may end up following you. Also, Snapchat account can be linked, which will take a look at your personality through cute photos and filters.

You can connect even if you have a Spotify account; you can still share your music taste with other members. Choose music wisely that reflects your personality and profile. If you’re not afraid to share this type of information publicly, you can have a low profile. However, it will reduce your chances of getting more matches. Members like to get to know someone before swiping right. Include enough information to give others an idea of ​​who you are.

Another plus point about the Tinder app is that it supports not only heterosexual members but also members of the LGBTQ community. They can choose the best word to describe their sexual orientation.

We learned in our review that Tinder has suspended profiles that have not been used for a long time. If you want to keep your Tinder profile, make sure you stay active at least two or three times a week. Here are some tips to achieve this if you’re going to swipe more accurately on your profile:

  • Make a compelling biodata using descriptive words that engage the reader.
  • Don’t be afraid to brag about your interests and qualifications.
  • Add some humor to your description; Knowing that you know how to have fun impresses people.
  • Use easy and understandable words; don’t use words that need a dictionary to search for meaning because no one will bother to do that, it would be a better idea to sail left.


Tinder is a dating service famous for its app on mobile phones. Scrolling the app is easy and fluid, with neatly organized features and an attractive selection of colors, icons, and music.

It’s best to familiarize yourself with the icons in the app before you start using the freeware. The app is available for Android and Apple users and is compatible with smartphones, tabs and iPads. For Windows-based phones, users have to download a third-party app called 6tin, as the Tinder app is not available in the Windows virtual store.


The privacy and security setting, if the application and its policies are specified in the application. Users can read all procedures and safety precautions if they have any concerns. Tinder uses Facebook accounts for authentication, which eliminates scam rifles to some extent. All of them allow members to prevent unwanted members from contacting them. Dedicated support team if the app is diligent in responding to user queries and helping resolve issues.


Tinder customer support service is diligent in responding to questions asked by members. Users can contact the support team through the app. Tap the button that says Report a Problem and you will be automatically redirected to the email page. Your device information will be automatically written at the bottom of the e-mail. The device information will allow the expert team to understand the problem.

Is It Safe To Use The Tinder App As A Dating Site?

In the early days of the Tinder app, the dating device had to face some critical security concerns regarding the location feature. The app shows the exact location of the matches, which is a matter of concern for some members. Shortly after, the app fixes the problem by giving the user the option to show or hide their exact or near location. The app resolves any concerns when members are reported. We can safely say that Tinder is a safe app for dating service.

Is Tinder a Real Dating Site for the LGBTQ Community?

Tinder is a great dating platform not only for straight singles or people, but also for the LGBTQ community. Gay or lesbian members simply indicate their preference and the app will find their match.

How to Use Tinder on Desktop

Tinder is a dating app, but it has a website version called Tinder Online. The desktop version of the app has the same functionality as the app, but the scrolling feature is more fun in the app than the desktop.

Is It Free to Message Tinder Members?

If you are a standard member, it is free to send messages to your matches. As a Gold member, you can also message potential matches, even if they haven’t responded yet.

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