What’s new in Ledger Op3n: Ledger Market, Ledger Quest

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Ledger announced its new Web3 security products, including Ledger Market, the new marketplace for NFT sales, the play-to-win education platform Ledger Quest, and new Web3 security products, at the Ledger Op3n conference at the NFT.NYC event.

Ledger, the leading platform of the crypto world, announced many important innovations focusing on security at the Ledger Op3n conference, which it organizes every two years.

Ledger’s innovations announced today include Ledger Market, the first sales platform spanning multiple blockchains; Ledger Connect, a browser extension that securely connects Ledger hardware wallets directly to Web3 sites and applications; Ledger Quest, a “play-to-learn” platform for Web3 topics; Design innovations at Ledger Academy, which brings Web3 education to large masses; Ledger Enterprise Create, a technology suite that enables major brands to scale their NFT-driven Web3 operations; and finally, the Freedom by Design approach, developed under the leadership of Ledger CTO Charles Guillemet. Let’s take a closer look at these innovations.

Whats new in Ledger Op3n Ledger Market Ledger Quest 2

Ledger Market NFT

Ledger introduced Ledger Market, the secure distribution platform for NFT launches. Project partners include Brick, LVMH’s Tag Heuer, RTFKT and leading NFT project DeadFellaz. In addition, the first NFT project to be released on the Ledger Market will be the Genesis Pass NFT collection. Scheduled to be released in the summer of 2022, Genesis Pass NFT will give you access to a limited edition Ledger edition and early access to future NFT collections.

It should be noted that Ledger Market, unlike many NFT marketplaces, will offer transparent signing for NFT transactions. Thus, Ledger will allow users to sign exactly what they see.

Sebastien Badault, Vice President of Metaverse and Web3 at Ledger, describes the platform with these sentences:

Ledger Market’s value proposition is three-tiered. First, it was built on Ledger’s world-class safety standards. NFTs are great and trigger emotional attachment, losing them to a few scammers should be history. Dot. Second, Ledger Market was developed to be inclusive. It will be accessible to creators, brands, and startups. Third, the Ledger Market is a turnkey solution that gives real ownership and control over NFTs for all players in the industry, from minting to custody.


Whats new in Ledger Op3n Ledger Market Ledger Quest 1

A browser extension that allows Ledger users to connect Ledger hardware wallets to Web3 applications with desktop devices or smartphones. Ledger Connect also allows users to confirm transactions via Nano X. It is worth remembering that Ledger Connect was in beta last month. The product will enable users to securely sign transactions. Ledger Connect alerts users to malicious individuals or detected scams thanks to its Web3 control features. Also, Ledger Connect, in partnership with Blocknative, features Transaction Preview, which produces an estimate of the transaction results before they are sent. With this feature, users will be able to see a simulation of their final balance before verifying their transactions.

Ledger Vice President of Product Charles Hamel describes Ledger Connect as easy, smart and secure. He highlighted that Ledger Connect offers ease of use as it connects your hardware wallet directly to your browser without the intervention of a hackable software wallet. Hamel; He noted that Ledger Connect only requires one extension to connect to multiple blockchains, calling the feature “intelligent.” Hamel continued:

“Finally, it’s secure thanks to our new feature called ‘Web3 check’, which alerts you to potential risks before signing a transaction on your device.”

Ledger Quest

Because Web3 education is at the heart of Ledger’s values, Ledger has announced a gamified education platform designed to educate and empower communities. Ledger Quest, where users will collect Proof of Knowledge NFTs to complete missions, will include game missions and NFT rewards. The product offers a fun start for those who want to step into Web3.

Notebook Academy

First launched in the bear market in 2019, Ledger Academy attracts users to Web3, while providing first-hand experiences and insights into the importance of digital asset storage and Web3 security. Ledger Academy stands out as an interactive education platform. The company is doubling its focus on Ledger Academy with its Web3 vision. Ledger Acamy’s partners include World of Women, ApeCoin, Cool Cats, Deadfellaz, and LVCIDIA.

Maaria Bajwa, Member of the Special Council of the APE Foundation, made the following statements about this new partnership:

Security is a critical component of Web3 today, especially when considering individual sovereignty. We want everyone in the ApeCoin community to build and participate in the Ape ecosystem safely. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Ledger in this important initiative to create purposeful educational content and provide Proof of Knowledge NFTs.

Ledger Professional Team

In addition, Ledger announced the Pro Team project, which consists of Web3 producers and opinion leaders from different communities and will be trained as Ledger Ambassadors. Mike Shinoda, Deadfellaz, Dan Held, and Bobby Hundreds are among the first Pro Team members working to spread awareness about digital asset security.

Ledger Enterprise Creation

Supporting organizations to secure and scale their digital assets, Ledger Enterprise has announced Ledger Enterprise Create, a key technology suite that enables major brands to scale their NFT-driven Web3 operations.

The “Freedom by Design” approach

Driven by the mission of providing freedom and decentralization to the crypto world, Ledger has announced Ledger Freedom features, including the ability to run your own node using Ledger Live and Tor.

Ledger’s Chief Technology Officer, Charles Guillemet, stated that they offer an individual control solution. “At Ledger, our profit is not your data. Your security and privacy are our priority.” Using the phrase, Guillemet noted the importance of these new features.

Highlights in the notebook

It should be noted that Ledger has sold more than 5 million wallets to date, securing more than 20 percent of digital assets in the world. As security concerns regarding cryptocurrencies and digital assets such as NFT grow, these innovations by Ledger could encourage crypto users to work in a safer space.

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