When is the feature of hiding Instagram likes coming?

The feature of hiding Instagram likes was on the agenda again. The date that Instagram will bring the feature of hiding the number of likes in the users’ posts has already been announced.

With Instagram’s Re-Testing Hiding Likes Feature, it was a matter of curiosity when this feature would come.

Instagram Starts Retesting Hidden Likes

Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms in recent years, announced a while ago that it will hide the number of likes of its posts. The feature that users can hide the likes is currently in the testing phase.

Over the past few months, Instagram has been working to make some adjustments to the number of likes on the platform. Adam Mosseri, the manager of the platform, which aims to hide the number of likes, officially announced that users can hide their likes if they want, thanks to a new test feature.

Last year, the platform, which hides these numbers in some users so that the number of likes does not affect the frequency of sharing, took action to renew the feature upon the results. Now the control of the feature passes to the users.

You will be able to hide the number of likes on Instagram

Making statements about the new feature, Mosseri stated that he was happy to not see the number of likes of some people, but not everyone liked this situation. For this reason, he announced that they started to test the new feature.

The new feature basically provides users with three different alternatives for hiding the number of likes. The first of these alternatives is to continue using Instagram as we know it, without any changes. Thus, people who want to can enjoy Instagram as they are used to.

In the second alternative, users will be able to hide the number of likes in their posts. Users can perform this hiding process either while sharing or after sharing.

Another alternative is to hide all the like numbers in the application. Instagram users who prefer this feature will not see the counter under the posts, and will not have an idea about the number of likes and likes.

The testing phases of Instagram Hiding Likes Feature are expected to take at least 3 months. Although there is no clear date in the statements made by Instagram, many important researchers say this feature will come in 2022.

A similar system can come to Facebook

Mosseri has not yet disclosed the details of the new feature test. It is not yet clear in which regions the tests will be conducted and who can participate in the tests. Still, Instagram and its roof firm Facebook are quite insistent on this feature.

It was pointed out that a similar feature can be tested for Facebook. Previously, like numbers were hidden in some Facebook posts.

“We’re testing this on Instagram to start, but we’re also exploring a similar experience for Facebook. We will learn from this new small test and have more to share soon,” a Facebook company spokesperson said.