Who owns the most expensive NFT in the world?

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Price lists released at the end of the year show that the most expensive NFT jobs in 2022 are the works of CryptoPunks and Beeple, the first NFT project etched on the Ethereum blockchain.

The most expensive NFTs sold in 2022

The best way to see how quickly profits are made through NFTs is to compare the selling prices of previous years with 2021: For example, the NFT of A Coin For the Ferryman produced by XCOPY sold for $6 million in November, while in 2018 At launch, its price was just $139, or 0.5 ETH.

As mentioned in the NFTs produced by XCOPY, “Right click, save as; What’s the point of taking NFT?” Although there are still those who say so, the market continues to grow and diversify. While the number of traditional artists who released the NFT collection consisting of 10 thousand pieces and turned to NFT like Damien Hirst, the “bad boy” of the art world, increased day by day, names such as Beeple and CryptoPunks have already written their names in NFT history.

1. Pak, The Merge

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Nifty Gateaway once again became the address of a record sale, with the anonymous artist Pak’s 250 thousand NFTs sold for $91.8 million in December. The NFT, named The Merge, can be described as an open project of bulk tokens programmed to merge with others in a collector’s wallet. The project was created in such a way that the higher the bulk purchase rate, the higher the visual quality of the NFTs included in the collection. In addition, bonus tokens were given to collectors based on their bulk purchase rates. The project was sold to 26 thousand collectors in total. The person who holds the most tokens will be rewarded with another artifact called Alpha Mass.

The anonymous artist, also known as Murat Pak, considers Pak and Murat Pak as two different institutions. It is also thought that the artist, whose identity is unknown, may be a team.

The Merge challenges conventional definitions of works of art. Although sold as separate pieces, it shows that it has the potential to be combined into a single work of art. Duncan Cock Foster, co-founder of Nifty Gateway, quotes Pak as saying it’s “the largest single art sale ever sold to the public.”

2. The First 5000 Days

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Beeple’s NFT artwork “The First 5000 Days” sold for $69.3 million as a result of the auction.

We talked about Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in the Instagram live broadcast we held last week, and we had the chance to listen to NFT-based works and the market through two artists who produce works in this field. We have discussed the subject in detail from the point of view of artists, from what NFT is and how it will create value for artists, what makes this token special, and where digital works are sold. Obviously, we will hear more about the special token type that we are hearing frequently these days. The piece, which was put up for sale at Christie’s and sold at a record price, shows why we will hear more about NFT artworks.

A digital work auctioned at Christie’s auction house, which sells some of the world-famous paintings from the only portrait of Shakespeare to the last discovered painting of Leonardo da Vinci, with its 255-year history, was sold with a record bid of 69.3 million dollars. The digital artwork Everydays: The First 5000 Days, created by digital artist Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple, was among the highest-priced sales at the auction. This sale makes Beeple one of the three most valuable living artists, according to the auction house.

3. Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection

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The SuperRare NFT platform has auctioned the Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection at Art Basel Miami in December 2021. The collection consists of Ulbricht’s original writings, works and animations compiled in a single NFT using Kanon’s KSPEC protocol. The work sold for $5.93 million.

Ross Ulbricht is the founder of Silk Road, one of the most popular Dark Web marketplaces. He was caught by the FBI in 2013 and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. He was found guilty of various charges including conspiracy to launder money, dealing with online drug dealing and hacking.

As efforts to free Ulbricht continued, he decided to help artists and other prisoners with a fund to channel his talents and philosophy to a good cause.

“I see that I have a chance to make a difference with this NFT… My own future may seem bleak, but I can still do a little something to heal the damage I see around me.”


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Human one is a computerized/actual half and half piece of fine art likewise planned by Beeple. It sold for a record $28.9 million when it was unloaded as a feature of Christie’s 21st Century Evening Sale on 9 November 2021.

The cool thing about this NFT is that its work of art changes after some time. Albeit the craftsmanship isn’t claimed by Beeple, he holds remote admittance to it and can refresh it continually. The NFT itself portrays a space traveler strolling through the various foundations which as referenced change over the long haul.

Individuals made sense of that the motivation for the piece came from tests joining various TV’s into various shapes and examples. The exceptional completed item has made one of the most costly NFTs ever!

5. XCOPY, A Coin for the Ferryman

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An artwork that XCOPY minted in 2018 sold for $6 million on SuperRare in November 2021. While the original owner paid 0.5 ETH for this piece called A Coin for the Ferryman, the new owner paid a much higher amount -1330 ETH. This piece is one of the first works of the famous crypto artist XCOPY, one of the pioneers of the crypto art world. XCOPY’s works consist of disturbing and distorted digital pieces dealing with topics such as death, indifference, dystopia. In some of his works, he takes aim at the widespread comments he has come across, ironically criticizing the current state of the art market and social media. This is Clearly Money Laundering, Hello Admin PM Me (Admin Hi DM Me) and You’re Wasting Your Life. literally. (You’re Wasting Your Life. Really) some of them.

6. CryptoPunk #5822

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CryptoPunk #5822 is the most costly CryptoPunk to have at any point sold, piling up an astronomic $23m sticker price. There has likewise been tremendous offering and posting movement on the NFT. There have been different offers of more than 1000 ETH (~$3m) all through the token’s lifecycle. In any case, these have all been denied by the proprietor. Furthermore, the proprietor 0xDeepak has recorded it for a huge number of ETH on different events. Be that as it may, none of these postings have worked out as expected. 19 days prior, the proprietor moved the NFT to a unidentified wallet named 7DDFFB and hasn’t recorded it since.

Taking a gander at the uncommonness of the NFT, it has just a single property. Just 2% of the assortment have only one property, making it extremely intriguing. Furthermore, it a handkerchief which just 5% of the assortment share. At long last, #5822 is essential for the Alien skin, which as referenced on numerous occasions is the most uncommon conceivable skin to have (0.09% possibility). The large number of uncommon qualities has without a doubt made the insane exorbitant cost of this CryptoPunk.

7. CryptoPunk #7523

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CryptoPunk #7523 is the second most costly CryptoPunk NFT at any point sold. It sold for an incredible $11.75m! Furthermore, quite a long time back, a wallet bid 20,400 ETH for it, which we gauge compared to around $65m dollars. Notwithstanding, the bid was dropped before it was acknowledged. Other striking offers incorporate a 800ETH bid from renowned NFT gatherer Pranksy, which likened to generally $1.5m. This bid was additionally dropped, nonetheless. These gigantic offers feature how much individuals prize the CryptoPunk assortment.

Taking a gander at the NFT’s unique case, it has various intriguing characteristics. First and foremost, it is essential for the Alien sub-assortment, with just 0.09% of other CryptoPunks sharing this property. It has 3 credits, which 24% of the assortment have and a hoop which 25% of the assortment have. The marginally more extraordinary characteristics incorporate a sewed cap, which just 4% of the assortment have, and a clinical veil, of which just 2% of the assortment share. This wealth of uncommon characteristics features the uncommonness of the NFT.

8. Beeple, Ocean Front

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Graphic designer and NFT artist Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, came into focus after one of his NFTs was sold for $69 million last year. Another work, Ocean Front, which was sold in March, was also sold for $ 6 million, making Beeple one of the most successful artists in the NFT world.

Ocean Front; pointing to the problem of climate change by showing a tree growing on trailers, freight containers and garbage heaps. The piece is part of Beeple’s Everyday series and is subtitled “Together we can get through this”.

Proceeds from the sale went to The Open Earth Foundation, which “develops an innovative and open digital infrastructure for better governance of our planet Earth.”

9. CryptoPunk #7804

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The 10th most costly NFT ever to have sold is important for the CryptoPunk assortment. The CryptoPunk project is an assortment of 10,000 special characters put away on the Ethereum blockchain. No two CryptoPunks are precisely similar, making them exceptionally valued. At the point when they were delivered, CryptoPunks were at first allowed to mint for any individual who had an Ethereum wallet.

CryptoPunk #7804 has probably the most extraordinary accessible attributes across the entire assortment. For instance, it has ‘Outsider’ Skin, which just 0.09% of the assortment have. It likewise has a Pipe which just 3% of the assortment has. The Small Shades include likewise adds to the unique case, as just 4% of the assortment have this. At long last, the Cap Forward quality is just shared by 3% of the assortment. These traits join make CryptoPunk #7804 very uncommon, and subsequently it has made it onto our main 10 most costly NFTs list.

The $6.6m deal was the main time that #7804 has been sold since it was stamped a while back. A free mint to more than $6m is a very decent profit from interest as we would like to think!

10. Beeple, Crossroads

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At the hour of its deal, ‘Junction’ by profoundly respected craftsman Beeple was the most costly NFT to at any point sell. It sold for $6.6 million on the NFT Exchange Nifty Gateway. The piece portrays a serious figure lying on the ground, which is intended to represent Trump after he lost the 2020 political race to Joe Biden. What was cool about the NFT is that it sold before the political race and would change in view of the political race’s result.

The next item on the list is yet another Beeple NFT. NFT, named Crossroads, was sold on the Nifty Gateway NFT platform for $6.6 million in February. This massive sale heralded the launch of Beeple’s Everydays – The First 5000 Days NFT at a record price just a few months later. Crossroads emerged as a response to the 2020 US election, and it has two versions: Donald Trump is victorious, and the other shows his defeat. The piece, like other NFTs, consists of an encrypted video file and a digital signature that is impossible to reproduce.

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