With Jira Work Management, Atlassian includes different groups from marketing to human resources, as well as software developers.


Atlassian, made from its official website today. by announcement together with the popular project management software Jiralaunched a new version of. Generally used by software development groups, Jira is the new version of Jira. Jira Work Management aims to be used by different business groups.

According to the information we have obtained, Atlassian works with Jira Work Management. marketing human sources, the design and finance It aims to reach groups working in areas such as. The main purpose of the Jira Work Management tool is that these teams complete their projects both easily and in communication.

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If necessary, let’s add that these teams can communicate with software teams via the Jira Work Management tool. In short, with Jira Work Management, Jira has been made available to all business teams. The Jira Work Management tool is an easy-to-use platform, a new look and access to software teams via Jira. 3 main features owner.

There are many features in the Jira Work Management tool that will facilitate project management processes. Among these features, lists, calendar, time schedule creation, forms and there is an area where you can follow the stage of the project process provinces in detail.

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Let’s add that Jira Work Management offers various views and templates for teams to enter their data and make changes on this data. Especially the table area in Jira Work Management, which is another solution purchased by Atlassian, TrelloLet’s also share that it is very similar to the table area in.


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