XRP Supply Shock Could Happen If Ripple Decides To Solve SEC Case According To Attorney Hogan


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A cryptocurrency legal expert predicts that Ripple’s native token XRP could face a supply shock if it settles its case with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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In a new video, lawyer and XRP supporter Jeremy Hogan discusses a scenario where Ripple could settle its legal battle with the SEC and how these events could affect XRP:

“I believe a settlement agreement will likely involve Ripple paying a penalty. This penalty will be particularly limited to pre-trial dates. A settlement may not include the distribution of profits to buyers due to the impossibility of figuring out how the funds will be distributed. A settlement may include limitations on sales of XRP released from escrow.”

Hogan also notes that a deal will include an agreement that will limit the sale of XRP to private sales for companies and customers, and will narrow the supply of XRP in the market:

“This will actually limit or slow down the flow of XRP to the market. As such, sales to institutional buyers cannot be put on a public exchange for six months, maybe a year. A deal that includes this situation will essentially bottleneck the flow of XRP to the market for years to come.”

The lawyer states that Ripple must secure a deal with the SEC, which will make them the first cryptocurrency firm to be fully approved by regulators.

“The settlement will make XRP clear on securities breaches and the like. Ripple will be the first cryptocurrency company to get 100% approval from the SEC.”