Your account is in danger of being shut down due to your messages on Instagram

Your account may have been closed due to your messaging on Instagram. Your posts on Instagram may be closed after policy violations. With the new Instagram policies, you can now be blocked from your social media accounts.

Its explained that abuse on Instagram DM (direct message) will result in stricter penalties It has been stated that these measures have been increased due to the racist attacks against some football players in England recently. Now, your account can be closed due to your messaging.

Your account is in danger of being shut down due to your messages on Instagram 2

Details of an important update were shared on Instagram’s official blog. Explaining that hate speech, bullying or racism seen in DM conversations cannot be detected as easily and proactively as comments, Instagram announced that users who violate the rules in DM will now face harsher penalties.

Your Instagram account may be permanently closed

Instagram was blocking an account from using DMs for a while when harassment was reported, but now accounts can be closed due to repeated infringement messages.

Additionally, Instagram said, “We will disable new accounts created to circumvent our messaging restrictions. We will also continue to disable accounts created solely to send abusive messages, ”he said.

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