Thursday, January 6

Zhurong spacecraft sends first photos from Mars


Zhurong spacecraft Mars with a successful landing on the surface China, Red Planetbecame the second country to send vehicles to Turkey. The spacecraft sent the first images from Mars to earth.

Mars Utopia Planitia who successfully landed on the plain Zhurong The images taken by the spacecraft, National Space Administration of China through was served. The first black and white shared image was taken by the obstacle avoidance camera at the front of the vehicle.

Russia formed the cast of the film to be shot in space

Zhurong shared photos of spacecraft

The second photo, focused on the rocky red soil, was taken via the navigation camera behind the navigator. In image ZhurongIt has been observed that solar panels are working without any problems. However, the vehicle also served videos showing it departed from orbit during landing.


NASA sent Perseverance Unlike the spacecraft’s purpose to search for fossilized microbiological life Zhuronghas a more comfortable schedule. Vehicle Jerezo Cratersin Perseverance It is located about a thousand miles from the spacecraft. also Zhurong It runs its work at a flatter point compared to NASA’s vehicle.

The spacecraft attracts the attention of researchers because it continues to work on a flatter point. Some of these are dune-like structures, conical structures that could be old lava or mud volcanoes, according to Nature. If mud volcanoes are encountered during these excavations, an important reason may arise regarding the methane content in the Martian atmosphere.

90 days The spacecraft, which will carry out its work on the red planet for a period of time, will try to complete many studies in this short period of time.


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